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Discussion in 'General how-To Help Forum' started by c-mama, May 6, 2007.

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    Hello! Every month or so we get a new thread started about how to post pictures on GT. Hopefully having a sticky on this will prevent numerous threads getting started.

    I am also going to ask that if you want to test posting pictures, do so in our Testing Forum. Thanks. :)

    There are currently 2 ways to include pictures in your post. One is by way of attachment. Click on the browse button which is below the reply box and you will be taken to a window of your hard drive. When the thread is submitted, users can click on the link and be shown the photo.

    The other way is to have a photo show up with the reply without having to click a link. This requires a URL address, meaning that your photo must be on the web. There are free photo hosting options out there. Just do a google search on "free photo hosting". Above the reply box you will see a button with IMG on it. Click on that and you will be prompted to enter a URL address. Enter the address and the photo should show up with the reply.

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