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Post Your Local Events

Discussion in 'General Competition' started by DannyR, May 3, 2002.

  1. DannyR

    DannyR Moderator Millennium Member

    Dec 17, 1998
    Roanoke, Virginia
    There must be a dozen different events, somewhere, each weekend. Please take time to start a thread letting us know about your local/regional/State events. IDPA, IPSC, SAS, etc. Post the dates, times, places, contacts, whatever.:)
  2. Team Greenbaum

    Team Greenbaum Millennium Member

    Jul 30, 1999
    Monthly Events at Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club in Jacksonville, FL:

    IPSC/USPSA: 2nd Saturday of each month - Contact <a href="">Wesley Herrick</a> 904-771-7548
    IDPA: 1st Saturday of each month - Contact Ed Sevetz 904-272-8484
    SASS: 3rd Sunday of each month - Contact Bob Harris 904-724-7012
    NRA Action Pistol: 4th Saturday of each month - Contact Mike Overbay 904-880-5219

    Club home page:

    Happy Shooting!

  3. PhilD

    PhilD Millennium Member

    Dec 15, 1999
    TX, USA
    Coastal Bend Shooters
    Corpus Christi, TX

    IDPA 1st Sunday - Starry Range
    USPSA 2nd Sunday - Starry Range
    IDPA 3rd Sunday - SharpShooter (indoor)
    ICORE 4th Sunday - Starry Range
    3-GUN Every quarter

    Everyone from novices to GM's. Full details can be found on the website;
  4. Dump1567


    Nov 8, 2001
    LA, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino area in CA.

    1st Saturday- USPSA -Norco / IDPA -Prado / Steel Challenge -Piru
    1st Sunday- Steel Madness(all steel IPSC) -Norco
    2nd Saturday- USPSA -Norco / Action Pistol -West End
    3rd Saturday- USPSA -Norco / Steel Challenge -West End / IDPA -Prado
    3rd Sunday- Steel Madness(all steel IPSC) -Norco / IPSC -Prado
    4th Saturday- USPSA -Norco / IDPA -Piru / Three Gun -West End
    4th Sunday- IPSC -West End
    Wednesday Nights during the summer- IDPA -Prado
    Upcoming Events: May 31- June 2 Shooting Fair -Norco / August 15-18 World Champion Steel Challenge -Piru / Sept. 7-8 GSSF -Richmond / Oct. 12-13 Springfield Armory XD Skills Challenge -Norco / Oct. 19-20 GSSF -Piru.

    Norco= Mike Raahauges Shooting Park (909) 735-7981
    Prado= Prado Olympic Shooting Park in Chino
    West End= West End Gun Club (909) 983-3020
    Piru= Piru Range

    I just wrote down all this info. for my own use, so I figured I would share with all.;f
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  5. 9x45

    9x45 Millennium Member

    Jan 31, 1999
    Southern California
    Palm Springs

    1st Saturday Stock Gun(basically a IPSC Production gun match)
    1st Sunday 3 gun
    2nd Sunday Steel Match (all steel and lots of it)
    3rd Sunday IPSC
    4th Saturday Steel Challenge

    Also Cowboy Action on 2nd Saturday
  6. DannyR

    DannyR Moderator Millennium Member

    Dec 17, 1998
    Roanoke, Virginia
    Great work, Guys! This is what I had in mind.:)
  7. VincentZ


    Jun 19, 2001
    IDPA in Houston, TX

    If you want to shoot IDPA in the Houston, TX area but don't know where to go check out the following page:

    This page lists information about the half a dozen or so shooting clubs in the Houston area. Matches are available Mon-Thurs and just about every Saturday at some place or another. Some are true IDPA affiliated clubs and some are non-affiliated clubs that use IDPA rules.

    Also, in Houston is the upcoming IDPA Texas Regional Championship on 05/18. The match will be hosted at a private range near Eagle Lake Texas. More information and application forms can be found at:
  8. Monthly IPSC Match - Detroit Area (Shelby Twp, Michigan)

    3rd Sunday of every month.

    Michigan State Championship Sept 14-15, 2002

    Detroit Sportsmen's Congress

    Visit website for directions, match photos, stage descriptions, match results, and further match info including 2002 Michigan State Championship.
  9. shootingbuff

    shootingbuff Millennium Member

    Nov 1, 1999
    Fort Bliss Rod & Gun IDPA (El Paso, TX)

    Changed to:

    4th Sat of the month
    5th Sat if there is one is a fun match.

    Setup - 0700
    sign-in - 0815-0830
    Safety brief - 0830-0845
    Squad and gear up - 0845-0900
    Hot/start time is 0900

    * Note - All shooters must attend the safety brief

    Location for sign-in and safety brief is bay 1B

    Stages have increased from 6 to 8.

    Cost for one gun is 10.00
    Cost for two guns is 15.00

    Good folks, good food and a great match, so come on out.

  10. Rusty Phillips

    Rusty Phillips Moderator Millennium Member

    Dec 17, 1998
    IDPA, IPSC, SASS, hi power, bullseye, etc

    Mid Carolina Rifle Club (MCRC)
    located south of Columbia SC

    almost every weekend there is something going on

    (edited to fix link)
  11. cmu7999321

    cmu7999321 Here and there

    Feb 19, 2002
    Hollidaysburg Consolidated Sportmans Club IDPA Shoot (Hollidaysburg, PA)

    3rd Saturday of the month
    First match of the season--May 18th

    Regestration begins at 0830, Matches start at 0900 and end at 1700

    Cost: $10.00 per gun

    Shooters of all skill levels welcome!!

    For more information send me an email or a private message.
  12. glockster96

    glockster96 Moderator Lifetime Member

    Oct 3, 2001
    Ark City Practical 3 Gun Club

    Arkansas City, Kansas

    We have monthly USPSA 3 gun matches and a monthly pistol steel shoot. The 3 gun matches are held on every 4th Saturday, and the date of the steel match varies.

    Visit our website:

    It has directions to the range, match dates, round counts, match results and other cool stuff.
  13. AirTech


    Oct 30, 2000
    Hi Danny !

    I'm a member of LPSA (Louisville practical shooters association) and our website is located at

    We are a USPSA sanctioned club and shoot every Tuesday night indoors and every 3rd Saturday each month outdoors.

    Our indoor shoots are USPSA style and consist of only 1 stage of 24-32 rds.
    We have a few GM and Master shooter members(Harry Sublett, Grady Whitelaw, Lee Leonard)

    Our outdoor shoots consist of 6 stages including a classifier(approx. 150 rds.). Chuck Bradley and several other top shooters show up for this match.

    Every Sunday I shoot at a different match location. They can all be viewed from the above link.

    KAPS in Bardstown, Ky
    Hidden Hills in New Albany, Ind.
    South Central in Seymor, Ind.
    Silver Creek in Sellersburg, Ind.

    All are USPSA sanctioned matches.
  14. 40loader

    40loader IPSC Shooter

    Mar 23, 2002
    Upstate, NY
    The Genesee Conservation League in Penfield, N.Y. is having there third annual "Firecracker" Invitational July 5 and 6. There will be at least 8 stages with nearly 200 rounds and the cost is only $45.00 plus dinner if you want to stay. The information and application is on the USPSA website under Area 7 events.
  15. Jerry52


    Apr 2, 2002
    Over by there

    Sponsored By G.A.T. Guns
    14N915 RT. 25 Dundee, IL 60118
    ( Please don't call G.A.T for shoot info. Contact info is at the bottom of this page )

    April 28-Fun Shoot

    May 26*, 2002 and every 4th Sunday until November at the Skirmish Field at the Conservation Club of Kenosha County
    Sign in from 8:30-9:30
    Mandatory safety meeting at 9:30

    $15.00-non member/ $10.00 member

    Spectators welcome but must have eye and hearing protection.

    *Weather permitting, call first.

    This will be an ‘everymans’ cowboy action shoot. The format will be the same as a CAS shoot except for modern firearms and urban settings. There will be 4-5 stages set with participants divided into 4-5 groups. All targets will be steel reactive so there will be few breaks in the action, you either hit or miss. The tools necessary will be a double action revolver and 2 speedloaders or a semi-automatic pistol with 2 extra clips. .22 caliber IS allowed, so if the only semi-auto pistol you have is a Ruger Mark II, bring it! All ammo must be at minimum velocities and no hollow points allowed. Hard cast or lead bullets are excellent, but hard ball is OK. In addition a pump shotgun with #7-1/2 shot or smaller will be used. Total maximum ammo needed will be 100 pistol and 50 shotgun.

    There will be introductory seminars available.

    All guns should be ‘stock’. No major external modifications.

    More info contact:

    Brad: 847.459.8432


    Ed: 847.322.2647

    The Bristol, Wi. Shooting range is 50 mi from Chicago or 20 miles from Milwaukee, between Hwy C and Hwy 50 on County AH just west of Rt. 45 Rifle Range tel # 262.857.7200
  16. DepDuke

    DepDuke Glockitall

    Nov 28, 2001
    In my own perfect world
    For those of you who are looking to shoot a combat style course, HEAR YA GO !!!!!! This for beginners and advanced shooters, blended from IDPA, and other genre's, and includes a lot of help in tactics and techniques.You can look us up just outside Rochester, NY at the Genesee Conservation League in Penfield on Tuesday nights starting at 5:30. Email me for directions or questions. Thanks
  17. Zaw


    Aug 18, 2001
    Pittsburgh, PA
    The Pitcairn Monroeville Sportsmen's Club has IPSC practice shooting every Thursday evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, the cost is $5. It is located about 45 minutes to an hour East of Pittsburgh, PA on Route 48. There is a calendar of events on their website. Here is their information:

    Pitcairn Monroeville Sportmen's Club
    505 Mosside Boulevard
    North Versailles, PA
    (412) 824 3790
  18. Recently I became a member of the Arlington Recreation and Shooting Range in Arlington WAshington. I have been helping with some ideas on running their "fun-shoots". They are a fairly new range and don't really have IPSC and IDPA following yet so we are just doing a little runnin' and gunnin' for now. Some steel plate stuff as well. I'm trying to set up some duplicates of the GSSF match type stuff eventually.

    If anyone is interested the shoots are as follows.

    Every SATURDAY at 1:00 PM and they give trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

    Every WEDNESDAY at 6:30 PM Haven't really set up prizes for this one yet.

    Saturday is a fun-shoot, Wednesday is more of a IDPA defensive shoot. Every is welcome. Just need a gun 3mags and some ammo. The cost is $10 or $15 depending.

    The number is 360-474-0880

    I do not work for this range and am recieving no compensation for this. I just want to make sure that they stay around and I love doing these kind of informal shoots. The turn outs are pretty light and it would sure be a lot more fun with a few more people. Lot's of Glocks there too!


    Arlington WA