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Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Vic777, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. jdavionic

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  2. I have a hunch that by midnite PST, the MSM will declare tonights debate a verbooten topic. the only way they can edit up a good soundbite for Obama is if they just show the very first 15 secods before he opened his mouth.
  3. sheriff733

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    CNN just polled a focus group and said that 8 people now want to vote Obama that were going to vote Romney, and 8 are now voting Romney that were going to vote Obama.


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  4. My take Mitt hit it out of the park- Zero showed to be exactly that a zero! Dam those facts Barry just took a hundred punches and and all he could do is jab!:rofl:
  5. Watching MSNBC, their focus group (mostly) supports Obama..

    Surprise surprise..
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  6. But you are honest enough to yourself to admit that Mitt won the debate, right?

  7. Oh, he thrashed Obama in the fact that he looked more poised, and much more tenacious.

    He won the first round of the beauty pageant. These debates aren't so about actual substance as they are about which guy "looks" the best on stage.
  8. Jerry

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    Just want to say... Thank God I don't moderate this forum because I'd be up all night trying to keep with the posts. :faint:

    Way to go Mitt
  9. I won't argue with you on the substance of what was debated, because in this regard, I imagine we'll both be pretty intractable.

    I'm glad you are able to at least give some sort of grudging, grumbling consent to declaring a winner. :)


  10. Oh...So you're NOT the moderator????

    Well screw you, Jerry!!!

    Just kidding... [​IMG]

  11. I suspect that Obama is back at the upstairs residence at the White House taking solace in the company of his wife, Michelle, and his spiritual counselor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I imagine the white MFers per minute rate is pretty high, longabout now.
  12. I had expected that kind of result, and still do, for the Ryan/Biden debate. The spinmeisters are having a heck of a time.

    Obama's "Travelling Campaign Press Secretary" (???)

    Just tried to say it went perfectly for Obama and they accomplished everything they set out to.

    Oh Gawd, my sides hurt,

  13. Jerry

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    I'll be watching you and I'll get you for that. :tongueout: :rofl:

  14. What exactly is wrong holding money in the Caymans?

    Romney and many others are simply abiding by the rules that are predominantly democratically written (remember Rangel headed that committee for many years).

    So tell me, if you were buying a car and OH had a much lower sales tax than KY and you stand to save over a thousand dollars, you wouldn't purchase your car in OH? All other things equal.

    I find it humorous a guy who owns 11 foreign built guns to one US manufacturer chastising someone for banking offshore.

    This off-shore banking is just a smoke screen and a"dog whistle" (yes, i worked that metaphor in) for those who are too financially uninformed and envious of those who are more fortunate.
  15. You whine about this here why?

    Later you admit it isn't really a problem for you but insist on inserting it here.

    Tell me, do you really think the Feds pumping more money and exerting more control is the answer to a local school problem of any sort?

  16. :couch:


  17. The "fact checkers" are doing their spin now.
  18. Oh, so the same strategy Obama has used the past 4 years being a Hollywood Rock Star and going on Letterman and The View?
  19. Yep...the sort of public appearance venue where slack-jawed, eccentric, high-water-trousers types like Ron Paul don't fare so well. :whistling:

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