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Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Vic777, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. I think I am going to just stick my nose in all the World Series threads and whine because the Cubs aren't going to be in it

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  2. Yup.


  3. Never said anyone other than Romney or Obama would be president.

    I said that until people in this county get smarter then the same two party system that has done immeasurable damage to this country and our future will still have the reigns of power.
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    I am at a loss as to how the kenyan kept standing on his feet. I think his nose grew as he talked too. :supergrin:
  5. Very good analogy
  6. And that may happen. It had the best chance during the Perot campaign. However it's not this time. Be smart about your vote.
  7. I was answering a question that was asked of me. Skip over or block me if you don't want to read it.

    Its the internet bro, I'm not kicking down your door and forcing you to listen to me.

    And the cubs in the world series! Hahaha, we all know Gary Johnson has more of chance to be president than that ever happening!
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  8. Wow...even Cooper is citing Obama failed
  9. ...Maybe that's why Obama spent most of the night talking about teachers... :rofl:

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    That looked like a scene out of The Warriors
  11. Now even that turd Gergen says "2 to 1 thought Obama would win and he lost"
  12. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  13. Damn...even Carville said he lost "but remember, he just threw his tax plan off the boat...there is another debate"
  14. But the polls said Obama was going to clean up in the debate
  15. Watching Hannity at the moment -- Pollster Frank Luntz is talking to a group of suburban Denver-ites. Of those that were undecided before the debate, about half of them have now decided to vote for Romney.

    ETA: Luntz closed by saying that this is the biggest swing in opinion he's ever seen following a debate.

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  17. Ooookay...But the questions Luntz asked were:

    1) How many of you were undecided on who to vote for before the debate?


    2) Of those who were undecided, how many are now going to vote for Romney after this debate?

    It's kind of hard to cook the results from those two questions.

  18. Both CNN and FoxNews have a common observation - Obama looked annoyed tonight. He looked annoyed at having to be on the stage tonight.
  19. He also got to pick the audience. And it is on fox news, if he was getting paid by MSNBC, I'll bet the results would be different.
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    Can't wait to see the "polls" after this slaughtering.

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