Post a wavey if you like the 357Sig!

Discussion in 'TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club' started by Poohgyrr, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Wow, What a very mature person he can stick his tongue out very good you were raised so well god bless you!
    Im sure that who ever raised you is so mighty proud of you now especially when you learned to stick your tongue out at people, God bless you and god bless who ever raised you!


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  2. RedHaze

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    Did I just get called immature on the internet?! Woe is me. :upeyes:

    Not going to bother with trying to argue your point anymore? Rather just attack my maturity because I poke a little fun at you over the internet?

    You tried to say it's only a 9mm +P+ in a wider case. But once I bring something to the table to refute your statement, you tuck tail and act like I'm just being immature.

    Care to prove your point? Or would you rather type out another petty insult and add nothing constructive?

    And just for good measure. :tongueout::tongueout::tongueout:

  3. redbaron007

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    I think pck50 has small-bullet syndrome. :rofl:

    :rock: :wavey: Go 357sig!

    Luv my G32!


  4. After all the bickering.

    A hot 9mm shoots like a hot 9mm, and NOT like a .357 SIG that has the 'pressure
    curve' that produces the split second recoil at the muzzle and such dynamic stopping power.

    IF a person wants to take the extra time to search for 9mm+P+ and use it,
    then I wish them all the luck- but it will NEVER be a .357 SIG.

    You don't even have the same recoil out of a .38 SUPER, or at least in my experience.
  5. aujrb

    Love both my full size & compact M&P 357 sig! :wavey::wavey:

    The compact is my carry weapon.
  6. You have some real nice guns there.

    The the 357 Compact is a real soft shooter and very accurate as well.

    The SHIELD's new and improved trigger didn't impress me much.

    I'd like to shoot a M&P357 FS with the small grip insert one of
    these days. I think they come stock with the med. insert?

    Can I ask what practice and carry loads- and holster(s)??
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  7. Looking at offerings from the same manufacturer, one will usually find velocity differences of ~+125fps to ~+200fps in the standard 357 sig vs. 9mm +p+ when comparing 125gr loads.

    I love the sig! I think this cartridge has potential if it can gain a little more popularity. I personnally would like to see more loadings that are not watered down, more variation in bullet weights, and newer bullet constructions that favor the higher velocity loadings.

    Doubletap is doing what I would like to see from more manufacturers. Hot loadings with bullet weights from 80gr to 180gr. (I am aware that some have seen slower speeds than labeled with DT).

    Has anyone shot the 180gr. hardcast round? Chronographed it?
  8. I've always had a chuckle at those who will use +P and +P+ for an extra 100 fps but look down their nose at the 357 SiG because it's "only 100 fps more than the hot 9mm cartridges."

    just because bullets are designed to follow the FBI Protocol, penetrate a certain distance and open to a certain size, they are not all the same...

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  9. Go to Speer Gold Dot vs. Double Tap, scroll about halfway down and you will find loads that meet most of your requests including weights at:

  10. Very cool list! I will definitely need to use your list as a internet buying guide!
  11. :wavey: G31 G32 and G33
  12. Very cool, sounds like you LA guys love .357 SIG as much as Texans.
    What loads and holsters if I may asK?

    Any plans for a Gen 4 357?
  13. :wavey:

    My favorite along with the 10mm. The 357 SIG gives the best of all worlds. Tremendous knockdown power and punch through capability in a very accurate, flat shooting bullet. Compact cartridge and weight, reasonable recoil and a striking report and muzzle blast! I was surprised to read here the recoil was less than a 9mm. I'm not sure it's less but it is much faster or snappier and seems to end before the muzzle flips too much. Needless to say it's my EDC in a G32. Before this I carried a SIG P229 in 357SIG. The P229 is a fabulous handgun, but not so great for CCing.
  14. Welcome aboard. Do you still have your P229? I love mine although I don't carry it much... mainly because I have never bought a nice holster for it, I may try a white hat holster for it although this is my new favorite: Have one for my M&P...may get another for my P229
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  15. Thanks for the welcome. No, I sold the P229 and bought a Colt Defender. Still have that one. I love it but only 8 shots. I buy TT gun leather for my carry guns. I have one on order for the Glock. I'm a big fan of the Mike's Special Slim. I love the extra cant and the minimal thickness. Tim is an excellent craftsman.
  16. Neal

    Millennium Member

    Glock 31 is my EDC. :wavey:
  17. :wavey: G33 and G29 is the way to go. I have other Glocks but these are my favorites.
  18. P229 357sig, w/a .40S&W bbl.


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