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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Tvov, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Hello all,
    My son's computer was running a bit slow. He did a boot scan using Avast free version, and it came up with one "positive":

    Win32: wrongInf-D [susp]

    We can't tell if this is a real problem or a false positive. He uses Windows Vista 64bit. Anyone know what this is, and if we have to worry about it?


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  3. try running Malwarebytes and of course your son isn't running as Administrator and didn't disable UAC? What is being used for real time virus checking?

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  5. We did run Malewarebytes with a full scan, it says the computer is fine.

    GIockGuy24, thank you for the links, but do you have any that describe what "wrongInf" actually is?

    On another site someone said they thought it was a trojan, and should be removed.
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    On the Avast forum (some in German language) it looks to be a fairly common false positive with Avast. Having Avast remove it will disable the Install Shield. If you want to try removing it, you should be able to reinstall a known good version but it does seem to be a false positive.
  7. Oh, I just remembered: When my son clicked on the Avast option to "move to chest" for the file, it came back with with an Error (I forget the details).

    I'll see if he wrote it down.
  8. Thanks! It was weird looking up info on that, as many links went to German language sites.
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    Well you could have Avast try to remove it. Then you can try to reinstall the Install Shield from Microsoft. It may still come up as a false positive or Avast may try to prevent installing it.
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  13. I am not sure if he ran Malewarebytes in safe mode, I know he ran Avast in safe mode.

    It is looking like it was a false positive. I didn't realize that he ran Avast with everything turned to "high" ("heuristics" or something) so it was saying all sorts of stuff was possible problems.

    Last night the computer seemed fine, and the various anti-virus scans he did on "normal" settings all came through okay. My son is paranoid about his computer getting infected, so whenever anything seems odd he gets all worked up.

    Thanks for the responses!

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