Possible NE ohio meet and greet??

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by jco69, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. :rofl:

    This thread just took a turn for the surreal. :lol:

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  2. I'm old, I remember when guys talked about guns, girls, and cars! I'm not to sure about this no pants stuff!

  3. stmcelroy

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    Hope you guys have a ton of fun on Saturday. Wish Washington wasn't so far away, otherwise i'd be there with you:supergrin:
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  4. i can pick you up at the airport (CLE) on my way thru . . .

  5. Stephen,

    If you leave now, i think you can make it :)

    Someone is going to get an awesome holster from RKBA ! (I ALMOST KEPT IT) :wow:
  6. Special Thanks to www.Darkstargear.com for their donation of a "Carry Package" (holster and 2 mag holders) Check out their site and products made in Pittsburgh.

  7. stmcelroy

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  8. Side note, do not use 3guysupply in Cinnci for Duracoat, email me if you want to see why.
  9. Just got back from A&A, no rifle range. as it stands, we have the indoor range and outdoor 22 range all day, he wanted to only give me the indoor for half a day then i could have a rifle range for the other half but what we have planned was based on having the indoor and outdoor 22 all day. I think it would have been to complicated and confusing to change stuff now. They are really nice people so we still may be able to work something out on a rifle range, maybe get it for a couple hours cheap. We'll see.

    As far as parking, when you come up the driveway, there is a lot in front of the clubhouse, dont park there :) there is a lot just to the right that will be all ours. If that gets full, there is a field across from that lot.
  10. UPDATE:

    Everybody's goodie bag will have a pair of tickets, those are door prize tickets. there will be a bowl to put those in, keep one, put one in the bowl.

    Random bags will have another (single) ticket, on the back will be what you've won. My wife will have those prizes(NO not those!) :)
  11. This is who I had Durocoat my wife's pistol. He did a great job.


    I am going to have him Durocoat my Hi-power when I can get it back from my oldest son.

    My wife's pistol

  12. That came out nice, i'm just going to leave mine as it is, while the parts were out, i duracoated the receiver myself, it was cheaper and it came out just as nice.
  13. There is going to be a seperate table with all of the door prizes laid out. Every hour on the half hour starting at 10:30 we will begin drawing the tickets for the door prizes. We will have a poster board either behind or beside the table with the winning numbers listed so that if you are at the range, you won't miss out on your number being called. Some of the prize bags are marked with an "L" these bags are lefty friendly bags, but don't feel that they are limited to lefties only. :whistling: I have about an equal number of each so chose the one you want. I believe I have either 31 or 32 door prize bags for you to chose from and each one is AMAZING! Noone is going to be disappointed! :wow: Hope everyone has as good a time Saturday as we had in preparing for this. Its been an adventure!!:wavey:

    "The Mrs's"
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  14. I can't wait.....this is gonna be FUN!!!!
  15. Thanks for the offer, but its cool.

    I was just trying to support any vendor who was attending this function.

    It looks like the weather may cooperate for Saturday, high 60's.
  16. SERIOUSLY!!!! :shocked::wow: :supergrin::supergrin: :cool:
  17. :scared:
  18. Does anybody have any last minute questions? i'll be in a gold HHR so you can look for that so you know where to park. registration will be to the left when you walk through the mian entrance, my wife will have a table set up with goodie bags and name tags, coffee and donuts downstairs.

    Leave your pants in your car :rofl:you know who you are!
  19. i pulled out some target stands, found the uprights and some backers, grabbed some targets . . . then some more targets . . . and a few more targets just to be sure i had enough :shakehead: . . . DANG ! i have enough stuff to set up a small IDPA stage . . . :animlol:
  20. A small IDPA stage could be fun.

    What are the limitations of the "rimfire" range? Maybe after the .22 match is over we could set up a fun stage. We could run it with .22s if need be.

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