Possible NE ohio meet and greet??

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by jco69, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. You are wearing pants Sat right?:shocked: and thanks for the mental "pants less" picture :faint:

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  2. Due to recent posts, I'm enacting a "must wear pants" policy:rofl:

  3. ^ Darnit!!!!
  4. Bah - sounds like a great time - I grew up 80 miles from there, too bad I'm in St. Louis now with a busy schedule this month!!!

  5. It's only Tuesday, i think you can make it! :)
  6. Whoa whoa whoa!

    I didn't sign any "pants agreement". :tongueout:
  7. Ok guys if you have a glock and want me to look it over I would be happy too. If you have parts needing install I can do that too.

    Jco strong armed me ;)

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  8. can you fix mine so it shoots right where i want it to ????????? :whistling:
  9. That would be classified as a pwsng problem and there is a fix for it.

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  10. i'm good with parts....i was trying to help boozer who was looking for a rsa and 5 lb connector for his g22.....i live 1/4 mile from topgunsupply.com and was willing to pick up the parts for him......i didnt know if he had a ny1 trigger spring or the standard spring.....i have an extra 5 trigger spring if needed.....
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  12. Crap would love to go but I will just be getting back from vacation. I will be at Stonewall on Sunday though...
  14. Heya Mike! :wavey:

    I won't be at Stonewall's on Sunday - I'll be at a class with Robert Vogel. :grin:

    You gonna be at Ron's on the 6th, at his new gym? I'm trying to make that one, but one of Ron's older e-mails caused me/Sara to mix up the day/date of the class, so we're trying to reschedule....

    I'm still trying to make the Wed. night meets. Man, his knife-fighting seminar kicked my butt. I was totally out of steam by the last hour. I need to get in shape! He says that you're doin' real well!
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  15. I haven't decided but we have been talking about it back and forth. Let me know if you can make it as it will probably sway my decision further. I started going to his meets on Thursday nights instead as my daughter started soccer on Wednesday's.

    A lot of my time is contingent on working on a new home purchase.
  16. 3 strikes apply here too! since this is your 3rd hijack, you are on the no pants list :)
    #556 jco69, Apr 10, 2012
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  17. ^ YES NO PANTS!!!!!!!! :D

    ( Can you tell that I'm happy about no pants? ) :rofl:
  18. But, you have to wear tactical underware...without tracers!:wow:
  19. UMM pants are a good thing boys!!

    You all are starting to make me nervous.

    Armed men with no pants HHMMM where have I seen that before?

    Oh Yeah now I remember--- \/
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  20. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chDenK2pwis"]Men Without Pants - Naked Dance - YouTube[/ame] :rofl:

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