possible N.E. Ohio .22 meet and greet

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by jco69, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Well what happened?

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  2. Yep, never again!

  3. I was trying to see if i could get a break on a membership to the club for doing this, and here is what i got:

    I'm not sure what your deal is John.
    I don't know if you misunderstood me or what.

    I just re-read my last pm to you...

    If you mean discount for membership, I can't do anything for that except have the time you've put it go towards your work hours.

    If you meant a discount for the rim fire event, Yeah...I think you can attend for free.

    The last line was meant to be funny. I guess you didn't see it that way.

    "Your help" is what I meant in the thread. You're not doing this by yourself.
    Yes, you've been gathering prizes and it's highly appreciated.
    My efforts are not going to be seen until closer to the event with the stage planning, food and range safety.

    Yes, this was your idea. So what?
    I've come up with numerous events at the SHC (MGSE, LOR and CC Shoot to name a few).
    Frankly, it doesn't matter to the SHC who came up with the idea. They are NOT going to comp you or anyone else a membership based on coming up with an event for the club. It just doesn't work that way.

    I'm an Officer with the club and put in a buttload of hours in weekly/annually.
    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than 10 per year and certainly more than your putting into the RimFire event.

    I was going to say, "Think about it this weekend". But, If you're going to be petty and difficult, I have no problem pulling the plug on all this.
    In fact, I'm not sure I can even trust you now. If you're coming unglued because I didn't yell from the rafters that this was your idea, I'm concerned.
    You can keep/sell or return the prizes if you wish.

    The event is cancelled.
  4. That sucks sorry you all could not work it out...
  5. Are you both members here?
  6. Bug im not, and Este, yes we are
  7. John, I think I missed something. you are what?
    Seems to me they are being petty. Sounds like you were asking for a discount on membership for working and putting on this event which would bring potentially many participant of which may become members. Not only the hours that you put into be credited towards the membership but maybe a percentage of each attendee or if they became a member.
  8. EXACTLY! but i guess that was too much to ask for. he basically took over and made it his shoot and i was his little helper or something. oh well, im done with it! so when is Buckeye bash 2 ?
  9. Actually I just posted this morning on XDtalk that I am looking at May 11 or 12 with rain date of 18/19. Wanted to get a consensus if Saturday or Sunday would work best for the majority
  10. i dont go on XDtalk too much, but either day would work for. since i dont have a shoot anymore, i have some Springfield armory stuff for you :)
  11. Cool.
    I figured I would give it a few weeks and set either Sat or Sunday. I thought it might be best to put it up now since there may be folks like me that need to have as much notice as possible to plan anything.
  12. Im in!
  13. What are you going to do with the steel targets?
  14. i have it listed for sale or trade for a 10/22, 597, or a marlin 336 or something kool. bug said Jason at burtzland may want to buy it or trade
  15. Well if by small chance you still have it in May, we could use it then.
  16. I really dont have a use for it, im hoping to not hold on to it too long :)
  17. Understand. Its all good.
  18. I think im going to end up with some holsters g19 and i think atleast one XDS, whatever i have left you're more than welcome to for your shoot or whatever. ill let you know what i get as i have stuff coming still :)

    By the way, where are you having it ?
  19. That's great John.
    It will be at the same place. Since we will be using exploding targets again, it really limits when I can hold the event. over the summer and fall, I still looked for somewhere more central but they didn't pan out.
  20. same place, where's that :) i may have more exploding targets too, i have to send them another email :)

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