Polls of NRA members??

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by Chuckc, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know the source of the continuing statements by Obama and other gun control proponents, that the majority of NRA members support "universal" background checks and support a limit on magazine capacity? I personally find these statements hard to believe. But.....I'm willing to be convinced.
    If there were polls, did the respondents self-identify as NRA members? How were the questions constructed?

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  3. His ass? That'd be my guess for the source.

  4. Counting on media zombies to kep saying that over and over so eventually the sheeple will believe it.
  5. That's funny. Sad but very true.
  6. I sure as hell don't. Not this is your typical statist tactic of telling the plebeians what to think. Repeat it enough times and control what is perceived as truth.
  7. Jerry

    Staff Member Moderator Millennium Member

    They probably have been reading post right here in this forum. Go back a few weeks and look. It's disgusting how many "gun" owners support this crap (NICS and reduced magazine capacities). They believe the only way to win is to give something. The way they justify giving-in to the anties to be win is beyond my comprehension. :shakehead: :puking:
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  8. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR

    MY OWN WIFE keeps drinking the Kool Aid. I had to have a little heart to heart with her tonight (again). This time, she was convinced universal NICS was a good idea. I finally showed her the folly of "high capacity magazines", now I hope I have done the same with this silliness of background checks for everyone.
  9. I'm NRA and I'm proud of their stand. No new laws, Period. You vote for new gun laws, then you loose your job.
  10. NRA here. I've wrote the governor, state, federal reps telling them I will not accept any more gun control measures. We already have enough and more just places undue burdens on the law abiding citizens.

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  11. krunchnik

    krunchnik THE CROW

    Have been a NRA member for several years now.Read my lips No More New Laws.I appose any new concessions on the law abiding.
  12. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR

    I think most of us oppose any - and I mean ANY - more impositions upon our rights. There is no "compromise" in this.
  13. G.O.A. is pretty much the same, including some LEO's:
  14. Texas357

    Texas357 Señor Member

    Are those the same polls that consistanly report 10 times more NRA members than the NRA itself claims?

    If we learned anything about the antis, it is that they can't win on the facts so they resorted to lies a long time ago. They are perfectly eilling to use flawed polls, as long as they can be spun to the anti agenda.
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  15. Ditto!!!
  16. Politicians lie for a living, Obama just made it up! Ever played poker? it was a bluff, and we need to call it!
  17. I am tired of trying to reason with insanity ! Give them NOTHING ! They are ALL crazy ! Who do they think is buying all the Firearms and ammo since December ? It ain't the NRA ! It was just reported there have been close to 4 million background ckecks in 2013 !! The NRA does not represent ALL of the gun owners in the U S. If all the gun owners were members they would really be scared. You may have noticed they never mention that all branches of the Government use firearms Instructors that are NRA certified ! Guess they want to distance themselves from that !!
  18. He just makes stuff up, flings it around and hopes people believes it because he said it.
  19. A lie told often enough becomes the truth. Vladimir Lenin
  20. I'd like to be NRA, but they haven't processed my membership. I wrote the check and mailed it with the application that came with my new Remington 870. It has been several weeks now. What gives.
  21. Uh, in case you haven't noticed the NRA's been just a tad busier than usual. Don't know why but that's just how 'tis. I re-upped my membership by phone 12/21/12 and just got my membership card and package last week. So hang in there, they're working on it!:cool:

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