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  1. I just finished reading Abigail Kohn's excellent book Shooters: Myths and Realities of America's Gun Cultures (Oxford University Press). She is an ethnologist who has taken up shooting and wrote a very even handed book that should be read by people on both sides of the debate. It is also avialable in Kindle edition

    The Pew Research Center has recently published a poll on attitudes toward gun control and the interesting statistics are here:

    Interestingly, whites rather than blacks, voters rather than non-voters, people who have started but not completed college are more in favor of gun rights as are those making between $99k and $30k. An interesting picture...

    A brief precis of Kohn's position on how to conduct a useful debate between gun rights and gun control is here - check it out:
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  3. Some more on Kohn:
    As a practicing anthropologist, I had set out in search of gun crazies, but what I found were regular folks -- enthusiasts who relate to their guns in generally socially positive ways. These people are usually ignored by most media accounts of America’s "gun culture." What follows is the story of how I came to make that discovery, and some brief sketches of the sorts of people who make up America’s much-maligned and misunderstood gun culture. Or, perhaps more accurately, America’s gun cultures.


  4. I was surprised that the majority of women want more gun control. In situations of physical violence a weapon is an excellent equalizer.
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