Police women of the world.......

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  3. didn't know Taiwan dress their policewomen like Dudley Do-Right

  4. I think you picked the correct one to post :)
  5. 12131

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    Thanks for the warning. :puking:

  6. JaPes

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    OMG that was soooooo wrong.
  7. [​IMG]

    A police woman in a mini-skirt. I love the Japanese.


    Here is another photo of some female members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force posing with their mascot Pipo-kun.

    This is why the Japanese police don't need guns. What kind of criminal could shoot at something this adorable.
  8. JohnnyReb

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    Total cutie!

  9. fnfalman

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    They don't have squat on IDF chicks.
  10. DustyJacket

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    I don't know.
    This Polish Police officer looks ready for business.

  11. Lots of good looking police women here in Texas. I got my first Glock from a Liberty County deputy who had to have my Colt 1903 for her 'Colt Collection'. She traded me staight up for a 2nd generation Glock 17. She was totally into her new Glock 23. She has a really inspiring command voice:wow:
  12. I would run from the DC cop because I would be afraid she would eat me!:shocked:
  13. samurairabbi

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    I'll sue you anyway! Your warning was not vehement ENOUGH!

    The Singapore sweetheart in your photo should keep her thumb off the slide.
  14. Anyone else kinda freaked out by the Pakistani uniforms?

    As the don't quite look like they're in uniform--but more like a terrorist.
  15. RWBlue

    RWBlue Mr. CISSP, CISA

    Not all American Police women look like that one. There are a few here on GT who are lookers and at least one that every keeps referring to a guy....if you leg humpers just knew.
  16. no, not really worried about Hindi terrorist, i would be more worried about the where her finger is.

    BTW the tattoo on her hand is a temporary one that is warn if you are a brides maid or the bride in a Hindi wedding.
  17. Uh, I think the Eastern Bloc wins. Some of the Polish ladies could do some Maxim shoots on their off days. The Russian is a hottie. Police chicks in skirts? Gotta love it.

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