Police release shocking video of elderly bus driver brutally sucker punched

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by DonGlock26, Oct 5, 2012.

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  3. Who knows, because over 70% are born into single mother homes. Although, I don't really see what this has to do with politics - apparently the political forum doubles as a minority crime report.

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    That little bastard is the spawn of a modern liberal society.

    He's been taught in the government run school system that there's no consequences for his actions, because he descended from apes and there's no God to hold him accountable.

    He's never been taught humility or respect for other people.
    He has no respect for authority and answers to no one.

    He's been taught that his needs and wants come first.

    Blame our public school system.
    Garbage in, garbage out.
  5. Those kids are taught by all ways possible they are meaningless, worthless, unworthy of a father or a decent family.

    Self-loathing sets in bone marrow-deep and is there forever (usually).

    Not making excuses for the savages, but I believe I understand some of the forces needed to turn a sweet human child into a savage.
  6. Obviously, but what does a teenager punching someone have to do with politics again?
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    Because there's a chance the little monster just might grow up to be the president of the United States.

    Of course, any record of that video would have to be "sealed" to prevent the American people from finding out about it.

    And they would probably have to also seal his school records, medical records, police records and pay off his friends to never tell the truth about him.


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  8. You should reread your own statement. How can a group have 70% illegitimacy? Who is sponsoring it?
  9. So any crime committed by anyone, at any time, in the United States is automatically related to a politics forum because it's within the realm of possibility that the person could end up in politics one day? Seriously?
  10. Well, look what I stumbled upon:


    For the record, I don't think either one of those threads should have been in the political forum, but your hypocrisy here is astounding - but I'm quite sure you'll deny it.

    So, member of a grass roots political organization commits crime = not relevant to politics at all.

    Random black kid punches someone = automatically related to politics because he could be president one day.

    I think it's safe to say that you have an agenda, and it's not to discuss problems in the black community in an honest way.
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    Are we going to have a problem?...:impatient:
  12. Do you even acknowledge your hypocrisy between the two threads?
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    Animals with zero morals. I blame: parenting and government weaning
  14. "If I had a son, he'd look like..." (insert the name of the street thug of your choice)
  15. JBnTX

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    My hypocrisy is legendary on this forum...:tongueout:
  16. He's justified in whatever he does, because he knows Obama will defend his actions.
  17. Start your own forum and you can run it however you see fit.

    LASTRESORT20 LongTerm-Guy

    Originally Posted by IvanVic [​IMG]
    Who knows, because over 70% are born into single mother homes. Although, I don't really see what this has to do with politics - apparently the political forum doubles as a minority crime report.

    Liberalism is a cancer which promotes naive stupidity

    Yes who Promotes 70% illegitimacy?
  19. Isn't racism politics? Don't libs play the race card all the time?

    When a strapping young racist punk sucker-punches an innocent elderly member of another race, don't politics usually dictate that said atrocity was a "hate crime"?

    If the shoe was on the other foot, whether in reality, OR JUST BY FALSE PERCEPTION, this type of thing could easily lead to retaliations, up to a race riot, another political event. Just ask George Zimmerman.
  20. And you solution, apparently, is to retort by doing the same thing?

    It looks like a while back someone made a thread about a white person affiliated with the tea party committing a crime, and this was the result:

    So, an almost endless slew of people stating a fact that I happen to agree with - it shouldn't have been in the political forum. People commit crimes every day, many of them have probably voted for either a democrat or republican in their lifetime, that doesn't make it "political news."

    Fast forward to today, a random black teen punches someone on a bus and all of a sudden it's the most relevant political story of the day that needs addressing!

    There are two types of people that are critical of the problems in the black community: those that understand the problem is largely up to the black community to fix, as they can only help themselves, but also understand that their are many law abiding, wage earning blacks in America.

    Then you have the other group, people who are only concerned with crime committed by blacks, are obsessed with the idea of it, and consequently have a skewed perception of the issue and crime in America in general, and aren't really able to discuss it on any meaningful level. These individuals would be the people who somehow think this teen punching someone is a super-relevant political issue, but vehemently object to the idea that anyone would even dare mention a crime committed by a white person in this forum.
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    Why do you think that is?

    Why is it that 99% of the criminals I see on the TV news are black?
    I live in the DFW, Texas area and every night on the TV news there's an endless parade of crimes committed by blacks.

    People see that and form opinions. You can't blame them for the conclusions they draw from what they see.

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