Police arrest 2 teens in Georgia baby's killing

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by DOC44, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Police arrest 2 teens in Georgia baby's killing





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  2. Atlas

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    . %!!#$#!*!~!!&%$!!!

    And that is all I can find to say about that.

    At least the older of the pair is being charged as an adult.
    Death penalty if convicted!!!


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  3. Guess we can't apply capital punishment to the 14 year old. :burn:
  4. Dalton Wayne

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    ****ing ****** gangster wannabes
  5. ah....... this is south Georgia.... one or both of 'em might "try to escape".


  6. Sometimes I think, could I really shoot someone if I had too. Then I see a story like this.
  7. barbedwiresmile

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    Brought to you courtesy of the modern Total State, and its enforcers, that subsidizes and protects the existence and expansion of a permanent, criminal underclass.

    Get back to work and pay your taxes.
  8. The 14 year old will get detention.

    That'll fix him.

    He will be back on the streets knowing there is nothing anyone can really do to him. A life isn't worth much these days.
  9. It is painful to see how many of our youth are ignorant savages. Generations of handouts have created so many takers.

    Where is Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton now? Where is their outrage? Where are their protests and social commentary?
  10. The 14 year old should be tried as an adult! But Obamamoa should claim them as his sons too! He and the Progressives created them as sure as giving birth to them!:steamed:
  11. Douse them with gasoline and strike a match
  12. Do we know which of the two perps had the gun and did the shooting?

    If the 14 year old did the shooting it will be interesting to see if they can charge him as an adult.
  13. "You want freedom, you gonna hafta kill some crackers".
    "You gonna hafta kill sum of dey babies"

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVcfymOvoUo"]black panther kill some crackers.flv - YouTube[/ame]

    Does anyone remotely think that if a Black toddler had been murdered in cold blood like this child by two White "youths" that the entire South wouldn't be on fire right now?
    "A time to Kill (movie)" only happens in the movies. Black "youths" killing indiscriminately... an every day event.
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  14. Well, Doc44 would have never posted the story, I can tell you that much. There are hypocrites on both sides of the story.

    The justice system should have exceptions for particularly heinous acts that permit kids to be tried as adults, this would certainly fit the bill.

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  15. 100 years ago...towns folk would know what to do with these two.
  16. It's the gun's fault.
  17. barbedwiresmile

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    100 years ago, such a permanent, unnatural, and growing underclass would not even have existed.

    Today they are subsidized by your tax dollars and protected by your socialized policing bureau.

  18. That's what I am saying...there is a need for lynch mobs in cases like this!!! Oh for the good ole days of vigilante justice!!
    This case cries for it!!! No need for a trial with these demon possessed killers...look at his eyes in a pic...if that isn't a face with no conscious and no soul there never was one!!!:steamed:
  19. Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, Biden and Obama plus hundreds of other Democrats will believe keeping guns out of OUR hands will stop insane idiots like those from shooting little white babies and mothers.:steamed:
  20. It never ceases to shock me at how cold, cruel, and socially disconnected people have become. I really hope this sparks people to carry. If she would have been carrying, we might be reading an entirely different story in the news today. I feel so bad for her. She will never get over this...ever.

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