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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by floorburn_21, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. I like my CM9, but use a D. Hume OWB for it. You hardly know its there.

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  2. Littlescroll

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    Yeah the CM9 came out about 6 months after I got my PM9. I would have gone the cheaper route if I'd waited.

  3. Dont feel bad. I was shopping for a PM9 when the CM9 was released. Both great guns. I cant believe how shootable they are being so small. I've gone through 300 round sessions without being bothered at all. Can't say the same about the PM40 i used to own though.
  4. I like my keltec pf9. I pocket carry it quite comfortably in my right front pocket in a desantis pocket holster. I believe it is still the thinnest 9mm on the market.

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  5. I have found shrouded or "hammerless" snubbies, such as my own Airweight SW 642, hard to beat in pocket carry. The Speer Gold Dot seems to open up like a power assisted umbrella in a strong breeze. I have heard from reliable sources that the Jacksonville Fla. police dept. carries the 642 in droves as a BUG, though I don't know their preferred ammo.

    Just this old Confederate's .02 worth.

  6. When all else fails to fit comfortably in your pocket...sue to size and or weight...switch to the Seecamp
  7. Same for the KelTec P32. I have one of the originals, first generation, purchased about March of 2000, and I can't remember the last time it jammed or failed to fire. This includes not having a full take down cleaning, eating several boxes of hot/mild/HP/hardball ammo, and being carried hundreds of hours in all types of weather and temps. in a leather pocket holster. It got it's first full field strip a few months ago actually, and was for the most part clean and crud free overall.
    Like the Seecamp, it is just about the best thing going in an 'always gun' that you are almost always able to carry and conceal.

  8. Though it might be a little large, a Glock G36 may fit the bill as far as what you are looking for. It's Glocks smallest .45. Single stack mag and not too much larger than a G26 or G27.

    I've had a Gen3 G36 for a few years and really like it.
  9. GD2J

    GD2J GoDirectly2Jail

    Another vote for the Kahr PM9. Pocket carrying it today in fact in the Kahr pocket holster. Like others, I got it prior to the CM9's release, but this little gunhas been 100% for me.

    The only (and I mean only) thing that I'm less than thrilled about, is the loooong reset on its DAO trigger. But that's just a slight, slight nitpick on an otherwise stellar gun.
  10. I've got a S&W 340 that I like a lot. With 357's just the muzzle blast will drop someone at close range:rofl:
  11. SCmasterblaster

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    Does Glock make a .45 ACP or .45 GAP pocket pistol?
  12. Unk


    Not all pockets are created equal I carried this 60 in rough-out leather, homemade pocket square in RF, RR and R jacket uniform pockets;


    This revolver was shipped by S&W directly to my dealer in 1969 for me in response to a thoughtful letter I'd sent a Sr Manager. I had the hammer bobbed. It has gone a lot of interesting places with me in the last 43 years.

  13. mayhem23

    mayhem23 Far East Sailor

    Taurus PT-709 is what I carry and usually in my MTAC IWB holster. It fits well in most coat pockets too. This is my spring/summer firearm. For winter its a G23. I take in consideration if I were to have to use either that I want to penetrate through clothing for those cold winter months.
  14. That's my pocket rocket. I've equiped it with CT LG305 and
    the extra length helps tame the recoil. I carry Hornady .357
    mag Critical Defense ammo in it with 2 Bianchi Speed Strips
    in my other pocket. And you're right about the muzzle
    blast. :cool: But with practice and the use of a Laser, even
    at night, quick follow up shots are not all that hard.
  15. SCmasterblaster

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    I'd get a G36. Seven rounds of .45 ACP stopping power.
  16. One of the great things about the 340 is that I'd really have to feel like my life is in danger to actually pull the trigger when it is loaded with full power loads. 5 shots and my hand is bruised for a week. I carry it with 135 grain GoldDots.
  17. SCmasterblaster

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    OUCH - a mere five shots of 135gr loads bruises your hand?
  18. mayhem23

    mayhem23 Far East Sailor

    I never thought of stopping power. I think more in the line of wound channel or central nervous sytem. Bleed out or completely fall out.
  19. I just got my Springfield Armory XDs this week and have been carrying it in the front pocket of jeans, shorts, slacks and even hospital scrubs and am very happy with it. Easy to draw, very thin, no printing with cheapo pocket holster.

    I have had many other handguns of various styles and calibers, but always hated not having .45 like all my other handguns.

    Range trip went very well also. Very reliable, couple of FTE, but pretty sure that is due to learning curve with new firearm and break in period.

    You should check em out.

  20. +1 on the kahr cm9. Each time I shoot it I like it more. Tight groups for a tiny gun and trustworthy reliability. i usually smart carry it but pocketable. also shot the xdm and was surprised holes were touching at ten yards and low recoil for its size

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