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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by greyhoundafw, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Looking for a pocket 9mm in the $400.00 range( I qualify for most public service discounts). This will be for back up or primary when not able to CC my G19. Appreciate any input.

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  2. I think the M&P Shield is in that price range. Nice gun!

  3. I too am in the same situation. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for help. I have a G19 and looking for something a bit small to CCW during the summer when I visit Florida and PA. I too qualify for most public safety discounts.
  4. Dukeboy01

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    I've got a Kel- Tec PF9 that I like quite a lot. I had to do the fluff and buff and find that it prefers 147 grain Federal rounds in order to run consistantly.

    I hurt my back a few months back and quit carrying my G26 on my ankle. I started carrying it in my pocket in a Desantis Nemesis. It's too bulky to carry in anything but khakis with extra deep pockets, but I've gotten used to it when I wear 5.11 or other "tacticool" gear.
  5. Sgt.K

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    Kahr CM9.
  6. Shield or Ruger LC9 are probably close to the price range but both are a touch large for some of my pockets (and pocket carry is not a favorite choice for me.) Don't rule out a J frame revolver. Sometimes the different shape helps a bit for pocket carry.

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    I recently sold a Taurus 709 slim. I replaced it with a G26.
    It was THIN! Its one of the few guns I regret selling.
    The 26 is great but the 709 slipped into a back pocket or top of a boot very well with an Unkle Mikes #4 pocket holster.
  8. What do you think about the Diamondback DB9?
  9. DB can't shoot +p at all.

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  10. For quite a while, I was looking at the CM9 for pocket carry, or when I couldn't properly conceal my G27 under formal dress attire. I eventually went with an LCP.

    Visiting the 'ol LGS, in work clothes (business attire..slacks, tie, etc..), even putting the bare CM9 in my pants pocket wasn't enough. It printed heavily standing straight, as work slacks are relatively thin in material. Combine that with an excellent holster such as a Desantis Nemesis or the like will print/buldge even more. There are no cell phones that big and thick. :(

    I guess it also depends on your individual build / leg circumference, etc..

    As I recall one GT member said in a previous post, he uses a CM9 in a SmartCarry holster. That may be doable, even in the relatively-unforgiving world of suit pants or tighter-fitting khakis.
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  11. SDGlock23

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    Kahr CM9 all day long. Fantastic pocket 9mm. The Diamondback DB9 is a joke IMHO.
  12. I recently purchased a DB9. I love the size of it. I have only run 150 rounds through it, but it handled those pretty well. I did get a few strange FTFeed where the round would nose up into the chamber and would have to pull the slide back a quarter of an inch and rechamber, this happened on the last 2 or 3 mags on the last round only towards the end of the range session when shooting one-handed. I feel fatigue might have had something to do with this while also blaming break-in. The serial on mine is YB65xx so it is one of the later ones. I think they are starting to get them figured out. I find myself carrying it much more than my G27 since it is so much easier to carry in the summertime. I'll still carry my G27 during the fall and winter when its easier to conceal.

    Sure there are a lot of mixed reviews on the little DB9, but I just dry-fired mine about 300 times before going to the initial range session and am not having anywhere near the problems many have had. Look for one that is high in the production numbers to have all the bugs worked out and get comfortable with the size and there is no reason it can't be reliable.
  13. magiaaron

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    The Diamondback DB9 is in that range. I've seen them and they seem like pretty well-made firearms. As has been said, they aren't rated for +P, but it weighs less than a single piece of Kleenex and would suck to shoot with +P either way. :tongueout:

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  14. since you have a 19, Glock 26 ???????
  15. ArGyLe64

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    I'm in the same boat. I've been contemplating between the Ruger LCP or LC9. This is mainly for sliding into the pocket of my kilt. I've had 2 Kel-Tec P3AT's in the past and loved them. I just thought I'd look at something different this go around. I need to hit up the gun shop and see how much bigger the LC9 is compared to the LCP.
  16. With a 9mm there is a limit as to how small you can go. .

    There are a lot of nice .380 on the market now, but the .380 is typically a love-it/hate-it caliber. But you can't argue the fact that the crop of new .380 pistols are some of the most efficient when it comes to size/weight/power combined.
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  17. Have an early DB9 which had many issues until I settled on Hornady Critical Defense ammunition. In a Nemesis holster it easily rides in a front pocket.

    Not very much fun to shoot due to recoil, but very accurate with decent sights for a gun so small and will get the job done IMO.
  18. Dude dont even think about wasting your money on a DB9...take my advice ive been there and done that... and the trigger actually broke the 2 "ear" pieces of the top and just dangled there in between 200-300 rounds and the critital tiny parts are MIM and will eventually break at some point. I also couldnt get a mag to shoot all 6 there was ALYWAYS a FTF or FTE. Go see how many people are complaining on diamondbacktalk.com they keep trying and trying to fix a problem that is never going to be fixed they are hoping for a miracle from DB..it sucks DB couldnt have beefed up the internals with machined steel and made them thicker otherwise I would say its a nice pistol because it does look nice. It just doesnt function. Ive had a PM9 and it shot good. I did have some type of FTF problem like on the 2nd or 3rd round of a loaded mag sometimes here and there. But it was still way better than the DB9...as much as I like my G26. And have carried it in my levis and or wranglers for a couple years or so.. its kinda starting to get on my nerves a little at how its just a little too big for pocket carry especially if I had to draw it out quickly thats why I been carrying my p32 lately with an extra mag. I really like 9mm and I think im going to try a CM9 as I sold my PM9 a while back so I wanna try another Kahr again because I did like the overall size and weight of it in my pocket. I think some you wont have problems and some you will and u get a lemon. Take your pick and hope for the best.

    Here is my thread where I posted pics of my DB9 when I showed everyone what had happened to my trigger and the same thing happened to others.. there has been numerous triggers breaking....http://www.diamondbacktalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1485&start=0&hilit=wk9k
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  19. series1811

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    I was going back and forth with the same question. I finally settled on the LCP and picked one up.

    I already have a Sig P239 and it seemed to be pretty close in size to the LC9.

    I have been very happy with my LCP. I have only had a chance to take it out and shoot it once since I bought it, but it functioned perfectly. It has a snappy recoil with Hornady Critical Defense rounds, but nothing I would call horrible.

    And, you can't beat the size and weight. :supergrin:
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  20. I had an LCP for pocket carry and traded it in for an LC9 because I wanted a more potent caliber. Forget about pocketing a 9mm. The smaller 9mm pistols are at the limits of pocket carry size. My LC9 may fit in some of my pants pockets, but I stopped trying to pocket carry because of the size. Even though it can be done, 9mm pistols are just too big and heavy for the pocket. (Except for the DB9, which is unreliable according to the internets) Sure, you can pocket an LC9 or Khar, but it will be much more noticeable to others. My LCP would disappear in my pockets. My LC9 is much heavier and larger and draws attention.

    If you insist on pocket carrying, stick with a .380.

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