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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by gen4g23, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. I have have been wanting to start reloading my own ammo for a while now. I finally saved up some extra money and hopefully have enough to get what I need . I have $350 to spend. I want to start out reloading for my gen4 g23 .40 S&W, but later on want to get into .357 mag and do some for the various rifles that I own. But for now just the .40. So my question is, is there a good on-line company where I can order a kit that would have everything I need to start out? Also if some one could reply with a list of everything I would need to get started that would be great. As the title states I am very new to this and have no idea what I need to even get started. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this. You folks on GT have always been a big help. :wavey:

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  3. Look at the stickys up top, they cover all of this

  4. Lee Classic Turret from Kempf's. It's covered in one of the stickies.
  5. +1 for the Lee classic turret press. I purchased the kit about 3 month ago and already I have loaded around 5000 rounds. If you buy the whole kit all you really have to get is a scale, dies, calipers and a way to clean your brass. I would buy a decent electronic scale, that beam scale that comes with the kit is pretty confusing and slow. You could probably get everything for less than 300.00( not including your powder,bullets and primers )
  6. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    If you got the Lee beam scale in your kit, you didn't get the Lee Classic Turret, you got the Lee Turret Press.. (ie, the Lee Turret sucks, the Classic Turret does not)

    To the OP, read Colorado4Wheel's sticky in this forum, and follow his advice to the letter on getting the Lee CLASSIC Turret kit from Kempfs, and move on from there.

    A decent electronic scale, is probably gonna run at least 85-100 bucks, and is not going to fit in his budget. Get a quality beam.
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  7. If you follow my sticky you will get decent equipment for a fair price. If your a huge consumer of ammo you should consider a progressive. But most people will enjoy learning how to reload on a LCT.
  9. I bought the same. Rather inexpensive and certainly does the job.
  10. Once you settle on all your equipment, go with a good medium burning powder to help you out some.
    Try Unique. get a pound and then keep on rolling or branch out.
  11. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    Though it works, the Classic is most definitely superior to the deluxe. The Classic cast iron design is much sturdier, better leverage and the used primer disposal system is great.
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  12. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    Exactly... If you've used both, you'd be kicking yourself for getting the Deluxe Turret, instead of the Classic Turret. The spent primer system alone is worth the extra cost.
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  13. The very 1st thing I would do is get a good reloading manual & start reading over the 'how to' section. It's a rather simple process but there are 'got ya's ' along the way. It's always easier with rifle reloading to start with new brass, handgun not a big deal.

    I wouldn't get all caught up in speed,you should start out slow, triple check everything & do it right.
  14. While Unique worked just fine in my Dillon Powder Measure. It was not stock. It had the Unique Tek powder baffle and had been polished up on the inside. The main difference between the Lee Powder measure and the Dillon is not design. But the fact that on the LCT the powder measure spins in a circle as you load. So consistency in how you operate the press is important. Always dump powder after 4 pulls of the handle. Unique is not known for metering well and I don't know how it would work in the LCT.

  15. Actually the rotating powder measure seems to settle the powder and make it more consistant if you maintain consistant pulls. At least that has been my experience with Unique in the Lee +/- .1gr. or better most times which is nothing with Unique.
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  16. cole

    Millennium Member

    Check the sticky. Get a progressive, digital caliper, beam scale. Start with a medium burn powder. Be safe. Enjoy.
  17. Nice to know. People have perceived problems with the LCT when they don't pull the handle four times while setting up the press and then get a different charge when they actually load (pulling the handle four times for every charge). My experience is like yours. The movement is actually good for some powders. I just never used Unique in the LCT.
  18. jeffreybehr

    jeffreybehr GAPist #1944

    Methinks you got rocks in your head recommending a progressive press to a newbee. A turret press is all this fellow needs and should have IMO, unless you wish to see him driven absolutely plumb crazy.

    gen4G23, do get the carbide dies so you don't have to lube cases. I have a Lee turret press, apparently the 'standard' version, and altho its handling of spent primers is inconsistent and sometimes frustrating, the whole Lee system works just finely...but for that beam-type scale, which was HIGHLY frustrating for me. I suggest some kind of digital scale; I have and LOVE the Hornady L-n-L AutoCharge.


    And whichever version of the Lee turret press you choose, I also highly recommend the 4-hole version, which auto-indexes (rotates the turret) and allows you use 4 dies if you get that far.
  19. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    The reason you had so much trouble w/ the beam scale, is because it is Lee's... it is junk. Most folks never recommend that scale.

    A QUALITY beam scale, will be far better than the Lee beam scale. Dillon's Eliminator or the RCBS 505 are far better choices for a beam scale. The Hornady Auto Charge is really nice, but it's about 85% of the OP's budget, and that's really just not realistic.

  20. cole

    Millennium Member

    IMO, semantics somewhat, though I know the difference. Turret. Progressive. Same concept: not single stage. And, IMO, given the price of a USED Dillon Square Deal B, or the value of a USED Dillon 550B, and my/the experience of others, go Blue. Anything else, in my observation, ends up costing more money in the long run when the newb, trying to skimp at first, "upgrades" to the press s/he should have bought to begin with. That's my expanded opinion and worth what you paid for it.
  21. cole

    Millennium Member

    Yes, IMO, the Lee scale is not the best option. Started with that scale. Never really trusted it and it would take too long to center. I think some folks that have a poor view on beam scales may base it on the Lee. You don't know how much better a better scale is, or how good a beam scale can be, until you own one that is better than the Lee. I had a Lyman that was nice, but sold it when I took a break from reloading. I have a Dillon now and it's quality.

    Advice taken and I made my feedback more constructive. :supergrin:
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