Playing with my WASR today

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by Steve in PA, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Didn't have much time on my hands today, but I wanted to run some rounds through my WASR. I just put a Bushnell TRS red dot sight on the rifle and wanted to get it on paper. The 50 yard line was full, so I threw up a full body silhouette at 100 yards and hoped I would be on paper.

    Lowest 3-shot group was my first attempt. Adjust the elevation and got the next group up. Adjusted sight again and I was in the money!



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  3. If you keep doing it, you'll go blind.

  4. I just put an Aimpoint Micro on my Sgl-21 and I have only got to try it at 75yds. This is my first red dot and I am hooked, I love the ability to still cowitness.
  5. With the MI mount, the TRS-25 won't co-witness. Actually, you can't see the rear sight, but since the mount is easily removed, if I want to use the iron sights the mount/RDS can be removed.

    With aging eyes, iron sights can be difficult at times, so that is why I wanted to add a RDS to my WASR.
  6. I went with the RS-Regulate side mount. You can still cowitness and they detach extremely fast. I was sold on the MAC review.
  7. Actually, I the lack of co-witness ability has more to do with the sight, than the mount. The MI mount is definitely grooved to allow co-witness, but the sight itself it not. There is no spacing between the mount and the bottom of the sight to allow co-witnessing.

    MAC also did a review of the MI mount which I really liked.
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  8. Steve
    What's your opinion of the TRS-25? I seen where they have a 20% off deal going through April and was thinking about picking one up. I have heard overall good things about them and wanted to put one on my .308 Saiga.
  9. Oh, I like the sight. Even though I was only able to play with it for a little while, I had no issues, other than not being able to see the iron sights. But, that is why I went with the MI mount. Takes me five seconds, if that to remove the sight/mount.

    The dot was easy to see, even in the bright conditions. There was snow on the ground and not a cloud in the sky, but the dot was plenty bright.

    I like this sight so much, that I went and mounted one on my Ruger MkII .22lr pistol.
  10. Not long ago WASR's were $400 and under. Now they are $1200. Wonder if they will stay that way or go back to a reasonable amount in the near future. No complaints with my WASR. Never missed a beat, so far. Depends on whether any kind of ban goes into effect. Does not look like there will be a ban.
  11. Yup, I paid about $400 about a year and a half ago for mine. Prices are crazy now!
  12. Steve,

    I recently obtained a WASR and on the 25 yard range I'm hitting about three inches north an east of the cross. What adjustment should I attempt. From 100 yards. I could only hit the paper? Any suggestions?

  13. What distance do you plan on sighting in your rifle? 100 yards?

    A quick check on the program I use says that with a 123gr FMJ bullet and a velocity of 2330fps (from Wolf ammo data), to be dead on at 100 yards, the zero at 25 yards should be -0.08". So basically, dead on at 25 yards. Adjust your sights (elevation up, windage left) until you are hitting the center of your target.
  14. I am pretty sure thats what I want to do this year get the side mount and a red dot sight for my AK. I dont care at all about co witness to be honest. Ive been debating back and forth if I want a red dot OR one of those Millet 1-4 power jobbies

    I was gonna do this last year but could not a bit sidetracked when I got my M1 Garand but now with Birthday coming looking at one of the 2 again just cant decide lol.
  15. If you need to hit 3" lower and 3" left, you would move your rear sight up, and your front post left. You'll need a sight adjustment tool for the front post.

    Also, if you're new to the AK, it might be worth picking up/downloading a copy of Adaptive Kalash from Travis Haley. Covers zeroing incredibly well, as well as all other aspects of using an AK effectively.

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