Plated bullets in 10 mm???

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by piperman, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. I do shoot at an outdoor range. I didn't know how far from the muzzle you need to be.
    Just wondering, I would like to do that.

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  2. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    I back up about 5 yards. Some powders will mess with chrony readings if much closer.

    Set a good target behind the chrony so you have something to aim at. You will be less likely to shoot your chrony if you have something to aim at rather than trying to not shoot the chrony (ask me how I know :rofl:). Also, this is a good way to check for groups when doing your load workups. Get chrony data, function checks, groups etc. It can be a lot going on at once, but you get a feel for it. Go as slowly as needed.

    I have had good results with the Competition Electronics ProChrono. Simple to operate. No frills.

  3. My range is different, it is setup just like indoor, with lanes. I think I can shoot at the action pistol bay though.
    I'll check out that chrono.

  4. arkdweller22

    arkdweller22 Cuhootnified

    I don't typically push plated loads past 1200 fps, usually I keep them right at 1000 - 1050. I will, however, load up a few rounds with Berry's double struck bullets to 1300 or so to see if my groups open up as well.

    It would be good to know if this is a common issue with Berry's bullets.
  5. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    I am curious about how this works for you.

    Check carefully for pressure symptoms. They have a higher operating pressure typically than an FMJ. Max for a Berry's is mid-range book data for FMJs. Also, look for leading in the barrel. At higher pressures and velocities, gasses can breach the copper and lead the barrel. Berry's at high velocities have been bad juju in my testing.
  6. Have to agree with Tater and others who talked about using a chrony. I only work up a load with one. You can't tell by feel. Also get a loading manual or three and check your loads there. Relying only what is typed in a forum is rather foolish, always collect your own data through your own gun with a book load. Don't venture above those loads without some instrumentation.

    Not trying to dis any specific person here but typos do occur and you never know who is an internet commando who will repeat anything without personally testing it.

    Just a quote from the Lyman #49 manual: "Maximum charges are never to be exceeded. THEY ARE NOT DELIBERATELY HELD TO CONSERVATIVE LEVELS. They are the exact charge that produces the maximum pressure allowed or otherwise proved to be the maximum pressure we could list. Never use the maximum charge without carefully working up to it from the Suggested Starting Grains. It is quite possible that the maximum load may not be safe in your firearm....."
  7. I can't imagine life without a chrony, otherwise you will have no idea whats going on! I have found two things to be true- most factory ammo does not live up to advertized velocity claims, a lot of times no where near, and this goes across many many different pistol and rifle rounds ive tested as well as .22 lr. Second a lot of times a particular load will have an impressive kick and fireball etc, even flatten primers a lot but you run it over the chrony and wonder where all the power went.
  8. Precision delta? I weighed a dozen 165 grain rounds and the weight ran from 165.0 to 165.5

    Ranier ... plated ?... I weighed six 155 grain rounds and they ran from 154.5 to 155.8.

    Both bullets are very accurate in my G20 and G29.
  9. Those rounds sound like they would be very good, and they are pretty consistent. I couldn't believe how much variation I had in the Montana Gold JFP and JHP in 125 gr.
    So far these X-treme 180 gr are working well with 7 gr of Unique, pretty good target load, not as accurate as I would expect, maybe going to the Power Pistol and working up a good load might yield better results.

  10. gator378

    gator378 Gator378

    + 1 I use 200 grain Rainers and Berrys with 13.0 grains of AA #9. Never had a problem, accurate. Just have to be a little careful not to deform the nose when seating since they are softer than jacketed, but not a big problem.
  11. gator378

    gator378 Gator378

    +1. Chronys are great and wonderful. Definitely let you know when you should quit adding powder. The results are often surprising both good and bad. Found a lot of factory ammo are close to published velocites and a lot of reloading data is accurate. A lot of my loads come very close to published. That is good news
  12. I definitely have to get a chrony. I haven't done anything lately.
    I need to get one so that I can find out what my loads are really doing.


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