Plated bullets in 10 mm???

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by piperman, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Piperman, I have no experience with unique powder and a 180 gr slug in 10mm, but yes I agree I think 8 grains would be very very high pressure. Personally I have found in the 180 gr weight power pistol to work very well for light to medium to hot, and blue dot around 11 grains for really hot 180 grain loadings, 11 gr blue dot clocks 1385 fps from my 6 inch barrel

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  2. OhioGlockMan, after I started re-reading everything and looking at other empirical data, I realized that might be pretty hot. I don't have any Blue Dot, that was why I was looking at the Unique, and AA#7. I don't use the 180gr slugs in .40 any more, since I don't like the round, I wanted to use what I had for now, and get some experience loading 10mm loads. I may get some blue dot and work some of that up. I never cared for the Unique in my .45, just seems really dirty. I only have a stock Glock 20 barrel for now. Does anyone make a fully supported barrel for the Glock?


  3. piperman,

    Unique will work great for what I call light "lady & youth" loads in the 10mm, up to a tad bit more power then the .40, but you will need to use power pistol or blue dot or #9 or 800X for hot loads. Well I bought my lone wolf barrel a couple years ago and its fully supported- some people recently on here have said their new lone wolf barrels are NOT fully supported. I wrote lone wolf company an e-mail and they stated they still are all fully supported. I don't know what to make of that honestly. Whatever aftermarket barrel you get I highly recommend a 6 inch, it will add 100-150 FPS without having to resort to higher pressures and you dont notice it when target shooting. I just put my stock barrel back on in a miniute for CCW

    Oh and Ill add I LOVE power pistol, thats the one id recommend for all round use in the 10
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  4. OhioGlockMan,

    I had read that too, that was why I was concerned. I didn't want to have to go to Bar-Sto if I didn't have to, lots more money but I know they are good.
    I was thinking of getting the ported barrel if I went longer, which was also my desire to do. Yes, keep the stock one for CCW for sure. I may just go get some Power Pistol then. I can load hotter with that than Unique, if I so desire, which would be nice. I suppose a 22# spring might be a good idea too?

  5. For me range ammo is my SD, HD and hunting ammo. I practice, plink and have fun with my working ammo.

    In short no plated bullets will ever visit my barrel. :)
  6. Steve,

    Yes absolutely use a #22 lb spring, I find my glock cycles just fine with the light unique loads all the way up to the hot loads, and it will keep your brass from flinging too far away. Thats a tough call with the barrel, my suggestion would be to call Lone Wolf directly and get them to get it in writing that it will be fully supported, and make sure they have a return policy. For a little over a hundred bucks the one I got works like a charm, it works so well theres no point in spending double or more for the other brands. Here's a video of me shooting mine with the 6 inch barrel and nuclear blue dot loads.....
  7. I've put thousands of rounds of plated bullets through my 10mm Glocks. I just make an effort to keep the velocities below 1,200 fps, and they work fine.

    I believe that the book "The Glock in Competition" is where I read that a lot of the top Glock competitors practice with a steady diet of palted rounds.
  8. Those are pretty stout. I'll be ordering a new spring. I picked up a lb. of PP today, going to load some up. I wish I had some plated for my 26, I only have cast in 9 though. I may have to check out that book.

  9. I've put thousands of plated 180 gr Extremes through my different 10s using AA7 without any issues. I can't imagine footing the bill if all I shot were jacketed bullets.
  10. Piperman,

    Please let us know if you go the route of the Lone Wolf Barrel if they are still fully supported. I am very curious. Also let us know your chrono results!
  11. I agree, jacketed would be an expensive ammo bill.

    I think that I will go with the LW barrel, I was told that they are still fully supported.
    I am still debating on getting a ported one or not.

    For the price those are pretty good for the money.

    No chrono here. I can only go by feel and case.

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  12. Actually, compare the price delivered of precision Delta jacketed Bullets to plated bullets. I've switched to these over Ranier.
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  13. That's a pretty good price, how are they as far as variance? I bought Montana Gold before and in a batch I have found 5 gr +/- from the published weight.

  14. I shot the 180 gr plated with 7 gr of Unique with an OAL 1.260". These were not very light but felt pretty good. Very accurate too. I need to get a stiffer recoil spring, also going to try the Power Pistol recipe.
  15. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    If you are a reloader, I would skip the barrel and use the money for a chronograph. A chronograph is a much more useful investment than an aftermarket barrel. Not trying to talk you out of an aftermarket barrel (although I personally have not needed one), but it would be a much lower priority for a reloader than a chronograph in my opinion.
  16. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    You have had a different experience with Berry's than I have. I have loaded several thousand "Double Struck" Berry's 180s, and groups simply go to pieces when pushed above 1100 fps. I have used a number of different powders too.

    The Xtreme bullets sound a bit like PowerBond bullets (i.e. thicker copper). PBs can be pushed, but Berry's just can't seem to hang. At least that has been the case in my G20. They work fine in 40 S&W.
  17. I have wondered if it would be worth getting one. I didn't know, I know no one that does have one. I wonder if I can use it at my range. The reason that I was going with an aftermarket barrel, is to get one with true rifling, so that I can use my hard cast reloads in my Glocks, but at least that isn't a factor for my 20 so much.

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  18. +1 on the chronograph:agree: (gotta use one of these little bastards

    A good one will open up a whole new world for you..
  19. Ok, do most ranges let you set them up in a bay? Because I know you need to be a bit of a distance from the muzzle.
  20. Piperman, if your talking about an indoor range prob not, I have been to 4 different outdoor ranges around here and they all have no issue letting you use a chronograph. Also be aware that with an indoor range the light will be an issue because you need at least a bright cloudy day, or use an accessory light that would be an extra 75 or so. Fluorescent lights are no good no matter how bright because they actually flicker super fast, its imperceptible to us but throws the chrono off. Do you have an outdoor range u can use? Or perhaps someone with private property that will let you shoot on it?

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