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PL-P4/N adapter??? what is it

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by jolt8me, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. jolt8me

    jolt8me Your the devil

    May 9, 2004
    I was looking up information about my motherboard and came across an article that mentioned this "PL-P4/N adapter" what is this? From what it looks like, it appears to be an adapter that plugs into your motherboard and allows you to replace the cpu with another one. Would this be a cheap temporary solution to me buying another motherboard?
  2. The adapter is to adapt a slightly newer 478 socket Pentium 4 in to an early 423 socket. This requires a 478 socket P-4 with a 400 Mhz front side bus (most have a 533 Mhz FSB). These are fairly rare and expensive and not much faster. It's not much of an upgrade. Nothing else would be upgraded either. It's not worth the very slight upgrade in processor speed.

  3. The Dell Dimension 8200 was originally going to have the 423 socket like the 8100 but everybody says regardless how early or how slow of a processor they got, all 8200's already have socket 478 Pentium 4's. The early 8200's will only work with 400 Mhz front side bus processors. The late production 8200's will work with both 400 and 533 Mhz FSB processors. Most late production are 2.0 Ghz and faster. I forget how to tell the difference. I have an early one that was 1.9 Ghz. I later upgraded it to an odd 2.5 Ghz/ 400 Mhz FSB that was specially made for Gateway computers but they were sold to the public instead. It's very difficult to find 400 Mhz FSB socket 478 P4's these days. Above 2.0 Ghz they do have twice the L2 cache but the socket 478 Celerons have half, so 1/4th of the newer P4's. I think early P4 was 256 MB, late P4 was 512 MB and Celeron 128 MB L2 cache. The only "replacement" socket 478 P4's with 400 Mhz FSB I see these days are 1.8 Mhz but with 512 MB cache instead of the early version that had 256 MB cache. These are an odd mix of speed and L2 cache. They use the newer processing that uses less power and develops less heat. The faster ones over 2.0 Ghz I don't see except used ones. I might sell my 1.9 Mhz socket 478 P4 but I don't think it would be much faster than your 1.7 Mhz.