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Pieper Bayard Model 1908 pocket pistol explained - new ebook

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by gerard, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. gerard


    Mar 21, 2001
    Downloading page :

    Available at


    Field dismounting of the Bayard 1908 pistol

    Advanced dismounting of the slide

    - Dismounting of the extractor
    - Dismounting of the firing pin plug
    - Dismounting of the firing pin

    Advanced dismounting of the frame (I)

    - Dismounting of the trigger assembly
    - Dismounting of the trigger connector
    - Dismounting the rest pin
    - Dismounting the automatic safety
    - Correct positioning of the automatic safety return spring

    Advanced dismounting of the frame (II)

    - Dismounting of the hammer and main spring
    - Dismounting the main spring plunger
    - Hammer reinstalling tip
    - Dismounting of the sear
    - Dismounting of the manual safety

    Advanced dismounting of the frame (III)

    - Dismounting of the magazine catch
    - Possible dismounting of the safety index spring
    - Dismounting the recoil buffer components
    - Possible dismounting of the rear grip strap
    - Dismounting of the magazine
    - Cutaway view of the pistol
    - Parts legend

    Functioning of the Bayard 1908 pocket pistol (I)

    - Chambering of a cartridge
    - Lower edge of the breech face
    - Lowering of the hammer by the breechblock
    - Breech face pushing the cartridge out of the magazine
    - Feeding ramp
    - Cartridge groove under the extractor claw
    - How the slide is retained on the frame

    Functioning of the Bayard 1908 pocket pistol (II)

    - Functioning of the trigger mechanism
    - Connector and disconnector functioning
    - Recoil of blowback type
    - Early stage of the recoil
    - Full recoil and ejection of the cartridge case
    - Recoil buffer functioning

    The safeties of the Bayard 1908 pocket pistol

    - The automatic safety explained
    - The manual safety explained
    - Safety lever used as cocking indicator

    Markings on the Bayard 1908 pocket pistol

    - The serial number
    - The Belgian proof markings
    - The German military proof markings
    - Markings relating to the producer
    - Markings relating to the caliber

    The different models of the Bayard 1908 pocket pistol

    - Early models with safety lever guiding rib
    - Magazine of early type
    - Early models without safety lever guiding rib
    - 1914 Pieper catalogue
    - Early buffer components
    - Early trigger connector attachment
    - Later post-1914 models
    - Particularities of the 6.35mm model
    - Luxury models

    Headlines of Pieper firm and production (I)

    - Henri Pieper the firm founder
    - Commercial catalogue of 1914
    - Shotgun production
    - Shotgun action casing and lock
    - Shotgun models with external hammers
    - Replacement parts of the hammer shotguns

    Headlines of Pieper firm and production (II)

    - Hammerless shotgun models
    - Replacement parts of the hammerless shotguns
    - Semi-automatic carbines Model 1912 in .22 caliber
    - Replacement parts of the semi-automatic carbine
    - Semi-automatic pistol in .22 caliber
    - Bergmann Bayard semi-automatic pistol in 9mm caliber
    - Pieper Bayard Model 1923
    - Actionless shotgun

    Current value of the Bayard pocket pistol 1908

    Ebook screen prints