piece of @#%&! light holder!

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by cowboywannabe, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. bought a Maverick 88 with an 18.5" bbl.

    put some cheesy ass light holder on it and fired 3 rounds of 00 buck before the holder and light fell off.

    what light holder do you guys recommend that is not super tactical, no need for 10 gizmos, dont want to replace the forestock......just a basic light holder that will stay the frack on.

    pix are always good.


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  2. www.Elzetta.com Your search is over.

  3. Will the Elzetta ZSM Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Mount work with my shotgun? The Elzetta ZSM will work with Remington 870, Remington 1100, Remington 1187, Mossberg 500, Mossberg 590, Mossberg 590A1, Mossberg 835, Mossberg 930 SPX, Benelli M1, Benelli M2, Benelli M4, Benelli Nova, Benelli Super Nova, Winchester Defender, and many other shotguns that have 1-3/4" (44 mm) of free space on the magazine tube and barrel.

    measured it, dont think it will work with this one.

    thanks though.
  4. I like a small piece of UTG tri-rail. Try Cheaper than dirt and search shotgun tri-rail. Three slots will do the job, plus the mount of your choice.
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  6. This would absolutely be my answer.
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    i'm spoiled living in Tx, most everything i need for my guns i can drive and pick up. Drove to cdmgear's home and picked mine up, he's a great guy and makes an outstanding product! I use mine daily on my patrol shotgun and have had 0 issues, my shotty gets bumped around A LOT, the mount is still rock solid.
  8. A couple of pieces of bicycle inner tube work quite well. Personally I've never seen the need for a weapon mounted light on a shotgun but lots of folks seem to buy them.
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    target identification??
  10. :wow:
    Despite my preference for pistol grip full stocks, I can rationalize your preference for conventional stocks pretty easily. However, the notion of not seeing the a need for a light is something I just cannot understand when coming from a shotgun instructor.

    The bike innertube suggestion is a great idea in any case.
  11. Seems like a strange response from you. The reason would be the same as any other weapon light.

    To the OP I have a a $15 brinkman in a 10 barrel clamp that has outlasted my surefire forend mount.
  12. You been drinking????? Explain man....we are generally 100% in agreement.

    Light is 100% the ONLY required accessory for an HD weapon IMO - pistol, SG, whatever...
  13. I like light, and recommend everyone have a light, just not on the gun. Folks managed to do quite well in identifying targets without putting a light on their gun for a long time. I dislike using a weapon-mounted light and don't have one on any of my guns. I prefer a light separate from the firearm itself, seems far more versatile and effective for me. Seems to downgrade the ability to use the light and the ability to use the gun. I buy into it a bit for LE/military entry teams, but that is about it and even then I'm not happy about it. Just seen too many NDs during training when using a weapon-mounted light for search/ID purposes.

  14. Were the NDs with pistols or shotguns?
  15. its not my light that im pissed off at, its the p.o.s. light holder.

    anybody have one mounted on a short bbl maverick 88?
  16. Get the laserlyte tri rail it holds up great on my mossberg 500.
  17. Of course the gorilla in the room is that you can't really use a light and a shotgun at the same time unless the light is on the shotgun.

    Just because you have a light on your weapon does not mean you have to use it. If you don't have a light you don't even have the option.

    Putting night lights with back-up batteries throughout the house might be an alternative. If the enemy has access to your electrical panel they could eliminate the power to your lights. These nightlights are available on Amazon.

    The fact that people who care about winning (LE/MIL) and don't care about money pretty much always use weapon lights on their long arms is what I call a clue.
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  18. the 500 and the 88 have different mag tube connectors to the barrel. thats why i asked specificially for a pic of a 18.5" bbl model 88 with a light holder.....nothing seems to work unless i cliamp it on the barrel. the mag tube is just too short of clearence.

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