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  1. +1. Very nice gun.

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  2. Here's my Dan Wesson Pointman. Champion Night Sights, beveled magwell, and extended slide stop were added by me. The Remington Rand and Ithaca posted above are great!

  3. Colt Defender.

  4. Dan Wesson Commander Bobtail in .45acp.

  5. Dan Wesson Pointman 7 in .45acp. So far this is my favorite 1911 that I own. I am excited to get something to beat it.

  6. The pointman performed as well as a Wilson CQB at our last range shoot. For the money, it's an outstanding value compared to the big boys, Wilson, Baer, etc.
  7. Sounds like you'll have a high end 1911 soon. :thumbsup:

  8. superb pics!!!!!

  9. What sights and Beaver tail safety are those?
  10. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    Kimber pro carry II, with a ton of work done to it. ;)

  11. My customized SA Mil-Spec. Last week I took it down to Novak and let them mill the slide for a serratted front night sight. Mr. Novak and crew are awesome. They acutally did the work while I was In town! :wow:

    I "think" I can finally call this one finished....;)


  12. Here's my new Firestorm.



  13. I'm liking that Firestorm. A low-cost relatively quality 1911 is a temptation to me.

    Does it rattle?

    Is it accurate?

    Will it feed HPs?

  14. It is fairly tight fitting for $375.

    I have not shot it yet though.
  15. beautiful 1911's boys!
  16. I think I need a lower priced "shooter" ...anybody have a favorite under $700?
    I have a 1991 A1 series 80, and a 1918 far..
  17. okie

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    OK I'll bite, my baby and what I can do with her:thumbsup:
  18. Nice. There's just something about a blued gun with wood grips that can't be beat.
  19. My local range has one of these under the glass case. It looks very well put together and feels good in the hand. I am pretty sure that it is a tackdriver as yours looks like it is too. Nice gun! I am not too happy about the price they are asking, though.:crying:
  20. Short Cut

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