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  1. Cool. Nice pic.

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  2. [​IMG]

  3. That's a sweet piece.
  4. sbs762

    sbs762 gun nut

    RC, that's a classy beast. Here's my monster...


  5. I would LOVE to have those SIS..... NICE...
  6. Thanks, I have been waiting for the Pro, just to have all three. I really like Kimber 1911's for the cost, and think they are good quality. I have quite a few different Kimber 1911's.
  7. Quack

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    9mm Loaded


    Tactical Ultra

    group shot
  8. Short Cut

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  9. Here is one of my favorite Colts.

  10. My old NH Enforcer

  11. Old pic but favorite.

  12. Not your CCW I take it!
  13. snuffy33

    snuffy33 NRA Life Member

    Dan Wesson CBOB

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  14. Here's a few...

    A pair of Kimber Pro Carry SLE's

    Kimber Gold Combat (Clackamas in background)

    Kimber Pro Elite

    Colt NCO

    Baer TRS Commanche
  15. A couple more...

    Ed Brown Kobra Carry

    Dane Burns Custom Colt
  16. rick458

    rick458 USS Texas BB-35

    Colt Commander with 3 47Ds, Colt Mk IV Ser 80 STS with 347Ds
    Kimber Custom Stainless II 1 47D 2 Elites with Emerson CQC-7 Wave Tanto
    Sparks Versa Max II Double IWB carrier and Hydra Shoks

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