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  1. Hey guys, I finally completed my first AR-15 build. Here are a few pictures. They aren't great pics like a lot of yall have, but at least you can see what I have built. Please leave me feedback even if you dont like it. I just want to know what everyone thinks about it. I still need flip up sights, and would really like to get the Aimpoint PRO, but we will see about that later. So what I have is... Bravo Company upper reviever, Daniel Defense cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel, LaRue Tactical low profile gas block, LaRue Tactical 12 inch free float quad rail, LaRue Tactical bolt carrier group, Yankee Hill Machine Lower reciever, DPMS lower parts kit, Magpul CTR stock and buffer tube, Bravo Company\Vltor Gunfighter charging handle. Magpul Mags. Yankee Hill Flash hider, thats all i can think of right now.. leave feedback!!!

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  2. MyGlocks

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    Looks great!! Give us a breakdown of the components you used!

  3. I love your avatar. Ive thought very seriously about getting that tattoo!! anyway,

    BCM upper reciever
    DD cold hammer forged bbl, chrome lined
    Yankee hill flash suppressor
    BCM gas tube
    LaRue quad rail, bcg, and low pro gas block
    Yankee hill lower reciever
    DPMS lpk
    Magpul CTR stock
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  4. faawrenchbndr

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    Looks great for a first build! Great components, I would have avoided the DPMS
    lower parts kit, but it will get you by. Have you given any thougy about sights or an optic?
  5. yeah, im not to crazy about dpms, but I got the lpk really cheap from a local guy around here. I thought about changing out the trigger assy for a two stage rock river a little later on maybe.
    Id really like to get an aimpoint pro with LaRue mount, but ive spent so much money allready it may be a little while before i do that.
    Ironsight...what do you think about the magpul back up? i know there not metal so i dont know how rigid they are. but are a lot cheaper so im still looking at reviews on diff ones right now. got any suggestions?
  6. You can always use the whole lower for a 'budget build' or something later if the DPMS parts aren't great; I know after building my first I plan on doing several more.
    I like the idea of using a long rail over a low profile gas block and that you assembled the whole rifle instead of just buying a complete upper.

  7. Thanks, I really had a blast building it. I cant wait to start another. Ive got a couple stripped lowers. Maybe on the next one I will see how good a rifle I can build with the least amount of money without making it to cheap to where its a pos. Just regular hand guards and a bcm or dd NON hammer forged bbl that comes with an a2 sight. That freakin LaRue rail cost me 300 bucks. Il save a ton just by not buying a rail. Ive got that tools to build one now so I wont have to buy those again. I will still have to put a dd or bcm or LaRue bcg in it tho. Dont want to get cheap when it comes to those. Or i dont anyway.
  8. Rifle looks great man. I have 2 friends that have a ton of ammo down range with lowers built with DPMS parts kits. I would love to hear some stories of failures due to their parts kits.
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  9. Check out Palmetto state armory uppers for that build.
  10. DougW

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  11. Great looking rifle. The design and components seem to be a good setup to me. Very nice.
  12. thank all of yall for the comments. Ill have to check out Palmetto SA like a guy above me said to do. I still have to check the head spacing. a guy from work is supposed to bring me a gague.
  13. hey guys, i forgot to give a report on my rifle. About 100 rounds is all I have through it. but it has ran great. Id like to put a scope on it just to see how it groups at 100 yards. Not a lot to tell. just letting yall know its in good running order. btw i put the magpul snap rail guards on the rail in a camo configuration. I know thats not what theyre called but i cant think of it right now, but yall know what im saying. and also put a magpul bad lever on it, and magpul angle forward grip.
  14. RMTactical


    Sweet rifle.

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