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  1. Anyone else here owns an old pickup( 5 years and above )?
    These vehicles are the best bang for the buck I think
    Cars in my experience dito satin usually last 5 years then lumalabas na mga sakit
    My strada is now 5 years old , still runs like new
    It actually looks new pa kahit gamit sa bundok
    Walang kalampag ang suspension

    a friends frontier has more than 350k kms

    I dont think i'll ever buy a car again

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  3. Planning on getting a pickup soon too. Tama sabi mo before our roads are sooooo bad that it is a nust to have a SUV, AUV or a pickup

  4. it's unbeatable
    what vehicle dito can emerge from a muddy jungle, direcho150kph sa slex while carrying 20 sacks ng cement :)

    parang maganda yung bagong ranger fafi
    3li almost 200ps daw
    ewan ko lang kung lumabas na
  5. Happy na ako sa 2.2li basic model 4x4 m/t :cool:
  6. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Hmmmm, maganda ba yang bagong ranger? What does it look like?
  7. just 10% smaller than the f150


    correction pala, 3.2 li vgt yung bagong ranger
  8. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Ang ganda, vgt pa. :thumbsup:

    Eto yung gustong gusto ko nung nasa states ako.

  9. may nakita akong raptor sa sta rosa I think
    Di ko lang alam kung ford dealers galing
    they do sell the mustang, ang fogi
  10. DragonEye

    DragonEye Spits230grFMJs

    Another pick up owner here. Never owned a car.

    I drive an almost 4-year old 4x2 Strada which still hits 150kph as if it's made for it. No major problems. Suspension is topnotch, has the most comfortable back seat so far (Navara being the worst in this department; don't know about the new Ranger though).

    Few rules I follow though is to gas up at few selected Shell stations and have the truck casa-maintained throughout.

    Prior to this, I drove an 11-year old Nissan Eagle. I still miss it from time to time.
  11. My truck is casa maintained as well
    Yun lang reklamo ko sa strada, ang mahal ng maintenance
    Di ko na ginagamitan ng synthetic oil ngayon 100,000 kms na
    Just plain mineral , oil change every 5k
    Di naman nasira hehe umingay lang
  12. We only have one car back home. The rest are SUVs or pick up trucks. They last longer because they are built stronger than cars (in anticipation for carrying a heavier load compared to cars). They are also rear wheel drive (with a 4x4 option).

    On the other hand, has anybody owned or experienced the Isuzu DMax LS 4x2? The old engine was the 4JA1-L (low compression turbo). I browsed the Isuzu Philippines website and the engine that they use is the 4JJTC. the 4JA1 was timing gear, while the 4JJTC is timing chain. The 4JA1 uses 15W-40 engine oil while they 4JJTC uses Besco 10W-30 (which i heard is quite expensive).

    I would like to know the performance of the 4JJTC engine compared to the 4JA1-L if anybody has had these engines.
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  13. The Raptor consumes a lot of gas. There will be a new Mustang coming out. The E-series vans will be replaced by a unibody van.

    If you are in the hunt for a North American pick up, try the 2013 Dodge Ram. 3.6 L V6 with 8 speed automatic transmission (hemi models are also available), alternator disconnect etc., to save fuel. No wonder it has become the pick-up of the year.
  14. Do you do a lot of city driving?
    Yan problema ko , our town has a lot of traffic
    madali magbara ang egr
    I read sa top gear mag these diesel engines need italian tuneups once a week to clear up the carbon depsits
    Yung hahatawin sa highway
    Problema, kalahating araw na seminar sa LTO ang kapalit ng italian tuenups sa SLEX or NLEX hehe
  15. DragonEye

    DragonEye Spits230grFMJs

    Mostly city driving. No issues with high speeds yet. Never heard of Italian tune ups.

    Though the casa mechanic hinted that I may consider having my timing belt replaced soon. Yan na-miss ko dun sa Eagle ko, timing chain yata yun na walang palitan.
  16. Timing chain yung sa strada ko , kaso mas mahal naman maintenace ng engine
    I rarely drive sa highways nowadays
    Humihina ang arankada after a month of city driving

    Italian tuneups -

    it doesnt need to be at high speeds pala
    Dapat high revs lang
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  17. cebuboy

    cebuboy toy soldier

    The old reliable 4JA/4JB series of Isuzu engines are best described as reliable, economical and fuel efficient. And not that hard and expensive to maintain too. The D-Max first came out with the 4JH1 engine, in a time where competitors are already putting out CRDIs, they did not sell much. The current model with the 4JJ1, is CRDI already but power output is still nowhere near its competitors. Also plagued by the usual CRDI problems like egr valve clogging, fuel pressure and fuel temperature sensor failures and from time to time crankshaft position sensor failures too. Does not need to be Besco, as long as it is 30 weight oil, you are good to go.

    Also those Thailand made engines are not the same as the Japanese made ones imho.
  18. natatagtagan ako sa pickup thus id stick with a car.

    But i agree na mas matibay ang pickup since its built to carry stuff.
  19. Does driving an 1994, F150 count? Only 104K miles!
  20. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=-
    Lifetime Member

    104K on Southside roads? That's like 250K anywhere else
    except maybe Metro Manila (or the Korengal, lol).

    I've long wanted to own a pickup, but my wife won't have
    it. We have kin out SE Chi so...
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  21. Thanks for the inputs. I was looking at the LS with the 4JA1-L engine since I've had a lot of experience with that engine. Up until 2011, Isuzu was selling the LS with the 4JA1 engine.

    My former Isuzu pick up bought in 1994 and Japanese assembled, had that type of engine (4X4, normally aspirated). Very little maintenance required of that engine, and it ran 10 km/liter city and 16 km highway with the airconditioner on. I still see it running whenever I go home. It's a farm service now.

    BTW, has Toyota corrected its problems with the 2.5 liter diesel engine that powers the 4x2 Hi-Lux and the Innova?

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