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  1. I picked up my new Colt Defender on Sunday/Father's Day at a gun show because my FFL was there.

    Field stripped and cleaned and lubed it this morning. I had trouble getting the slide stop out for the first cleaning, but finally managed to get it out, and it went back together fine.

    Got to the range when it opened at 10:00 AM. I put 200 hundred rounds through the little 1911. 150 rds of 230 grain and 185 grain FMJ. 50 rds of 185 grain Federal Hi-shok JHP that I got at the gun show for $22 for a box of 50. I'm planning on using the Federal for carry (I have another box of 50).

    Not one single failure of any kind. I did have about half a dozen fired shell casings hit me in the forehead (even though I was wearing a ball cap), but it seemed to be from one full size mag. I used the 2 mags that came with it the most, but also used 6 other full sized just to see if they would function reliable.

    The point of impact is a bout 4" lower than the point of aim for me. I may consider other sights for that reason. Any suggestions?

    The recoil was stout, but managable. Naturally, follow-up shots are not as quick for me as when I shoot my 9MM Glocks, etc. The Hogue grips were very comfortable and offerred a good grip on the pistol.

    It cleaned up and went back together fine. Happy camper here.:supergrin:

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    Shoot it again and really concentrate on sight alignment to see if the point of impact is still low.

    Two of my Colts with the Commander length slides have shot about 4" low. So I'm not too surprised to hear about yours, especially with the shorter barrel.

  3. I would try more practice and adjusting your hold, before changing sights.

    Grats, and;


    before bac chimes in :supergrin:
  4. I appreciate the input, guys. I'm definitely going to practice more and not draw any conclusions from one range trip.

    I'll point out that I have over 40 yrs experience shooting handguns, incluing 1911s, and still do 2 qualifications every year and almost always score 100% I've also shot IDPA. I know how to use the sights and what a sight picture should look like. There's basically one way to grip this pistol with the Hogues on it. I was using a two hand hold. It may be me, or it may be that the pistol shoots low.
  5. rich, all of my 1911s with flat MSH point and shoot low for me. My hand is better served by the arched MSH which the Defender ain't got. (as you know) I don't know of any made for the little guys (tho I do recall Springfields little un had a weird sorta arched MSH on their econo line GI micro).

    Glad it runs well. You leave the finger groove hogues on it or are you going to change those out?
  6. I'm not sure. The Hogues fell really good in my hand. I've read that the rubber grips aren't that good for CCW because the shirt/cover garment gets caught. I bought a pair of fake stag grips at the gun show because I like the way they look. However, when I put them on the Defender, they were very thick (thicker tan the Hogues) and somewhat uncomfortable. I'll see if there is something better out there, but I'm leaning toward leaving the Hogues on for now.
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  7. Congrats! :cool:

  8. Were you shooting low with both the 230gr. and 185gr. rounds?
  9. Yes. Both were low.
  10. Here you go!
  11. Congrats, that's a nice lurkin pistola!
  12. I bought my father the same gun. They are outstanding quality made guns. Congrats.
  13. Congrats!

  14. Interesting. I have an ealier .45 Defender; made around 2003 or so and its sights are on. I have heard that the new .45s shoot low, but my 9mm Defender I bought in 2010 is right on.
  15. Defenders are great, mine shoots POA, maybe is the Hogues, I have nice wood on mine.

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