Picked up a P30

Discussion in 'Heckler & Koch Forum' started by CranialCrusader, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I've been wanting a P30 for a while. I stopped by a shop on the way home from work and there it was in the display case. A V2 (LEM) in 9 mm with night sights. I got them to throw in another set of tritium night sites for my .45 USP to boot.

    It is slightly small for my hand with the "standard" grip pieces, but I think once I put the large ones in it will be perfect. I plan to use it as a winter carry gun and see how my wife likes it.

    If I can bring myself to part with some of my meager supply of (precious) 9 mm I will hit up the range this weekend. No one seems to have it in stock around here.


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  3. You lucky bastich!! Nice pick up. Do you know what those damn things go for on gunbroker?? stupid money

  4. I have been watching the prices of the H&K P30 on Gunbroker and they are around $900-$1050. The last time I checked the MSRP was $1050.

    The way that the FED has been printing money and making our dollars worth less, I am surprised that they do not cost more.

    That $30 - $40 billion dollars per month “quantitative easing”is not helping and it is making goods cost more.

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  5. It's $85 billion per month split between t-bills and MBS, but who is counting?

    Yeah, the P30 wasn't cheap, but fair considering the times. I'm thankful I don't have to brave a gun show this weekend, so that is worth something too.


  6. $85 billion, pretty soon we will need a 10 yard dump truck to carry enough money to purchase an H&K firearm.

    I do not go to gun shows in Washington any more. 95% of what is for sale is cheap crap, that I would not buy and if it were given to me, I would be hard pressed to think that it is worth taking up space in a vault. The remaining 5% of the firearms, ones that I do like, are so over-priced that if I were a seller, I would be embarrassed to ask that much money. It takes a hell of a lot of chutzpah to demand those prices with a straight face.

    I just looked it up, I paid $820 for my P30 in Jan 2011, and what are they going for now in Texas?

  7. Congrats on a great pistol :cool:
  8. barth

    barth six barrels

    I have a P30 40 V2 and small hands as well.
    Added a Hogue rubber finger groove grip sleeve and that did the trick for me.

    The grip felt narrow and the skateboard tape feel of the
    batman grips didn't agree with me while shooting.
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  9. Congrats on the new P30, CC! I'd been eyeballing some here in the Austin area, and they're all about $100 more than what I was able to find online, so I ordered one new from Top Gun Supply and did the FFL transfer at one of my favorite LE shops here. Get some magazines while you can--everyone has been raising the prices on theirs. I'm currently on a waiting list with Cross Creek Guns for more when he gets some back in stock.

    Oh yeah, mine is a V1 Lite LEM, and is a lot of fun at the range. I've only run 124 and 147 gr. ammo through mine so far, after reading that some folks were having trouble running 115 gr. through theirs.
  10. A'boy

    A'boy fulla hateraid

    I've had my 9mm P30S for about a year now and love it, glad you got one! It has become my favorite pistol and dare I say now, has replaced my G19 about 95% of the time. I was able to pick mine up used for $775 at the time with stock sights(have trijicons on it now).
  11. deeHKman

    deeHKman "It Is Written"

    Congrat's!! I like mine alot also....
  12. Nice, love mine as well(v1 9mm)
  13. Picking mine up tomorrow - V3 DA/SA, Decocker w/Mepro night sights.

  14. Very nice.

  15. Congrats! I love my Hk's!
  16. barth

    barth six barrels

    I have five Hks myself.
    I'd have more, but got sidetracked.
    With the 2nd amendment attack going on?
    I felt compelled to pick up a Commemorative FU Obummer Ak74 Pistol

    My next Hk for 2013?
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  17. cgff

    Put a P30 on layaway today! looked at one a few weeks ago when I went looking for a Beretta 92 compact which had been sold
    I handled the P30 and was WOW talk about sweet so the P30 I have on layaway has the LEM trigger and 4 mags!
  18. barth

    barth six barrels

    I have fourteen handguns with various triggers.
    Mostly professionally tuned.
    DA/SA, DOA, Striker...

    For a carry trigger, the HK LEM is my favorite.
    You're going to love that gun.
  19. Just picked up my v3 p30 in 9mm. Kinda wishing I would have checked out the LEM trigger after hearing people saying good stuff about it. Oh well, it will probably just be a range gun anyway.

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