Picked up a mint condition Smith & Wesson 5906! :)

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by bac1023, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. This gem came into my local shop a few weeks ago and was still sitting there the last time I was in. Being that is was in new condition and certainly a great example of the 3rd gen Smiths, I decided to grab it. :cool:

    The 5906 is one of the 3rd gen iterations of the classic model 59. It is fully stainless steel and comes with a 15 round mag. It was produced for 10 years, starting in 1989, so there are plenty of examples around. However, this is the cleanest one I've ever seen. I can't find a mark on it anywhere. I really like the 3rd gen pistols, due to their heft and durability. The triggers are ok for what they are, but certainly not "match" grade target triggers or whatever that means. The 5906 was certainly one of the most popular Smith autos of its day. Personally, I think its a great looking and great shooting pistol (though I haven't shot this one yet). It features an ambi safety/decocker, front strap serrations and trigger guard checkering. This particular example has adjustable white dot sights.

    There really isn't a whole lot more to say about it. Its just a soft shooting, tough as nails 9mm that hasn't been produced in about 15 years. I do own a few other 3rd gens, to include a 3906 and 4006. The 5906 and 3906 use the same slide, I believe. The 4006 is the double stack 40S&W and it has a thicker frame and slide compared to the 5906, among a couple other differences.

    I'm sure there are plenty of 5906 owners here. What is your opinion of them? :dunno:

    As always, please enjoy the pics and share your thoughts.

    Thanks! :supergrin:




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  3. [​IMG]



    I was always of the belief that two is a couple, three is a few, and four is a collection.

    ...so now I can say I have a "collection" of 3rd gens. ;)

    From left to right they are the 3906, 5906, 4006, and 1006. The "6" designates stainless steel. Amazingly, every one of them is in mint condition just waiting for their next trip to the range...



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  4. BuckyP

    Lifetime Member

    Another nice acquisition. :thumbsup:

    BTW, I think I know that gun! I was handling a 5906 off the used counter last time I was at T~~~~.
  5. Very nice. That's the first semi auto I got to shoot. I'm sure the current polymer M&Ps are fine products and I know sales drive what gets produced. But, I think it's a shame S&W quit making metal frame autos besides the 1911.
  6. Bucky, I picked it up here...


    They actually had two for a while, but one was not nearly as nice.
  7. I want one so bad. I want to get an ugly one, though. My next two guns are going to be a 4506 and a 5906.

    I have a 4506-1 that is just too pretty to shoot. It has a history to it, too, nothing important to the world. My wife gave it to me as a Christmas gift years ago. An older couple that she knew forever through her family had bought the gun as a home defense weapon. The man was a Korean War vet.

    When he passed, his wife sold it to my wife for a very low price and said she just wanted me to have it because her husband liked me. So you couple the beauty of the gun with the story, and it's a total safe queen. It's only been fired 16 rounds by me, and probably none by the man who bought it and kept it all those years. The wife moved to Florida to be near her children, just so you don't think I got her gun and left her defenseless.

    Sorry to kinda hijack your post. Your gun is beautiful, as they always seem to be.
  8. BuckyP

    Lifetime Member

    That makes sense. When I looked at the one I mentioned, I don't recall it being so mint. I was fixated at the time on the 938 so I wasn't paying too close attention.
  9. smith10

    smith10 10MM WOOOOOOT
    Silver Member

    Love the third gen Smiths, love the satin finish stainless.
  10. Great story. Yeah, I would keep that one in nice shape. The 4506 is an awesome pistol.
  11. Gregg702

    Gold Member

    I thought you weren't buying any more guns this year :tongueout::wavey:.
  12. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    That's the one I hope to find someday.
  13. They don't show up in local shops everyday, but they certainly aren't rare. Good luck in your such, Berto. :)
  14. Lol, just one more yet, Gregg :)
  15. Bruce M

    Very nice! That looks essentially new, which is not very common at all now at least around here. My guess is that the vast majority of 5906s were carried alot even if not shot regularly.
  16. Very nice! You've reminded me that I need to be looking for a 4566.
  17. nice pick as always, I find the protective "ears" around the rear sight a interesting design decision to protect the rear sights, in most pistols with adjustable sights they usually don't have any protection from getting knocked around
  18. I always liked that too. S&W started that with the 2nd gen models, I believe. I've got a 539 with the protected sights.
  19. Joshhtn

    Joshhtn The eBay Guy
    Silver Member

    Congrats, Brian! The 5906 has always been one of my favorites!
  20. Another great find. The condition of yours is what makes it "rare."

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  21. Very nice. The blued hammer and trigger means your 5906 was made towards the end of the production run. I have heard the blued triggers and hammers are MIM, but no need to worry. An Armory Friend of mine said S&W used good MIM and he had less trouble fitting them. I need to do a report on my 5903.

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