Phoenix Show 4/21-4/22

Discussion in 'Grand Canyon Glockers' started by Glock21Owner, Feb 9, 2007.

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    I'll be attending this show and was wondering if anyone can provide some insight as to the coolness factor. It's a Crossroads of the West show and I've heard good things about them; anyone know if there are any special items to be featured or sold? Thanks--

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  2. Its a great gun show..
    bring lots of money..
    Mesa has some good ones too..

  3. Glockmiester always has a pretty good booth set up. Miwall is a great place to get ammo just look for the huge yellow banner. They have pretty much have any caliber you're looking for. Crossroads shows are the best around here you can find just about anything you're looking for.
  4. With ammo prices the way they are I plan on buying a case or two of .45 at the show.
  5. El_Ron1


    Just do a check of the usual suspects on the web before you go. Sometimes, even with shipping you can do better online. Life's funny that way.
  6. Yeah I was looking today and prices have really gone up everywhere. It was never worth my time to reload but now I'm thinking about it.
  7. El_Ron1


    If you've got the time, space and aptitude, do it! Great reloading forum here, as well as many others on the web. The more you shoot, the more you'll save.:supergrin:
  8. I think I'll go down to Dillons and talk to them.
  9. El_Ron1


    Call before you even go down. They'll answer any questions or concerns that you've got. When you go down, they've got the presses set up so you can see and try them in action.
  10. It wouldn't be a bad idea to talk or go down to Dillon Precision when you get a chance. They make quality equipment and their entry reloading presses are pretty reasonable in price. Their accessories however are outrageous! Unfortunately they only make progressive presses so unless you're going to be reloading lots of rounds(which is why most of us get into reloadiong) you shouldn't consider them.
  11. I will be there selling away, stop by to BS since we are all only tped words on here.
  12. I'll be there with the Friends of NRA on Saturday and maybe on Sunday. We'll be selling raffle tickets for guns and raffling them off on Sunday at 1400 hours. Rossi Youth 3 barrel (20 guage, .22 LR, ,.243), Ruger 10-22, Springfield XD 9mm with gear, and a Heritage revolver calibered in 22LR and 22 Magnum.

    I want to get several hundred rounds of .45 if money permits.
  13. yup im going down for probably saturday as my birthday present :) (b-day is monday ..)
  14. You gotta sell a lung for .223/5.56 and .45 these days. I stocked up on everything a while back when I got the warning on good stuff. I stopped by Wal0mart today and it was 27 bucks for a box of WWB YUCK!!!!
  15. which wwb ?

    cci blazer is still 10 bucks / 50 .45 ..

    wwb is 19 /100 for .40

    and wwb is 14 for / 100 for 9mm
  16. WWB .45 is almost 27 bucks for 100 at wallymart in Surprise.

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