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Petitioning an historical record of massacres: w' CCWs as viable deterrent.

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by Lakota, Jul 21, 2012.

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    Sep 12, 2011
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    Before the following list, mass murders were rare and/or very unusual - corrections, dates and augmentations of the ensuing list are respectfully requested. Is there a studied list/inventory of mass murders?:

    Charles Whitman shootings from the 'Texas Tower'. 1964

    San Ysidro California massacre, 1981 @ McDonalds (18 yrs prior to Columbine, Colorado disaster by two 18 yr old male students) - followed by a series of 'copy-cat' mass shootings at various nation-wide McDonald restaurants.

    A series of Post Office workers 'going postal' (this missive petitions more information on all of these recollections )

    Luby's Restaurant (Texas) Massacre.

    Columbine School shootings and bombings.

    Virginia Tech shootings.

    Fort Hood Texas disaster - featuring the enigma of unarmed military personnel belatedly protected by civilian police.

    Most recently, the Aurora, Colorado debacle.

    Requesting dialogue and/or urls revealing the history of mass murders in United States - point of order here, being that CCWs could and would inevitably prevent and/or reduce such abominable 'casualties', past, present and future.

    Submitting this consideration to whomseover interprets these exemplary - quite unfortunate, predictable, and inevitable - future 'occurrences', as cause for bolstering (rather than opposing or otherwise diminishing) the right to keep and bear arms - the irrevocable specification of the Constitution, emphatically accenting the need for and requirement of such right.

    Ostensibly, 'cause' is an operative consideration in the marked increase and culmination of these previously and relatively rare (domestic) attacks on unarmed citizens.

    There is for example, a Netflix documentary-dissertation (derived from network TV) on 'Why' such domestic violence occurs - an hour's duration of narrative commentary from numerous witnesses and authoritative social mentors: none of whom present the required qualitative as well as quantitative reasons and causes at issue.

    Such in-depth studies require more viewing, listening, debating and/or reading time than most concerned (attention-span-deficit handicapped) persons are inclined to devote - in order to reduce, deter and/or altogether prevent such ineffable 'casualties'.

    "You must embrace horror and terror, lest they be your enemies to be feared." - Colonel Kurtz, APOCALYPSE NOW.

    There is in fact a measurable pattern of such occurrences and their controversial impact on the aroused, dissenting and consistently appalled but abrasively irresolute (in-fighting) public; culminating into a generally 'forgotten' event, until the next pejoratively disastrous event: squared.

    The dominant cause is revealed in the provided url (below) - namely, specific facets of the so called 'entertainment industry' representatives, of which consistently fall back upon and allude to the 1st Amendment of 'free speech', behind which they secure what they purport to be their 'Constitutional right' to induce and otherwise encourage and generate domestic - and global - violence; whereas, the Preamble to the United States Constitution specifically includes the clause:

    "to preserve domestic tranquility"

    - which clause supercedes the falsely 'authorised' ('Constitutional allowance' for) incitement of violence in the general population (Refer: The Perils of Obedience, by Stanley Milgram).

    Whereas, the following source is an extensive, 3 part series missive: its self-redemption presents a much more realistic and incisive preventative perspective, regarding the social cultivation - namely, the vocabulary and presentation - of violence as entertainment - and its accumulative-and-accumulating influence on berserked individuals and groups...


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