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Permits Up in Guilford County

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by magpie maniac, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Found this link in Carry Issues forum.

    Record numbers of people in Guilford County are applying for permits to carry a concealed gun. Arming themselves is one way to defend themselves against rising crime. Caron Myers reports experts don't think it's a coincidence the increase comes at a time when police have asked for extra help to battle violent crimes and robberies.​

    I take the class on Saturday and will try to schedule an appointment with the Sheriff's office ASAP. Sounds like the earliest slot available is late March. :upeyes: It's as if they're try to deter applicants. Then you're looking at 60 to 90 days for the review. If I get my permit by June, I'll be lucky.

    Anyone know if I can call the day before my class to go ahead and schedule an appointment? Can you apply in a neighboring county?
  2. Bosko


    Oct 4, 2007
    Pilot Mountain, NC
    If you are taking my CC-H class on Saturday in Rural Hall, NC, then I will be your instructor. I will cover your question in class, but the short answer is that you must apply to the Sheriff in your county of residence. Too bad you don't live in Stokes County.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I'll be taking the course at Calibers. Looks like I'll have to resign myself to waiting a good while for the permit.

    On a side note, my brother will be moving to Rural Hall (from Tennessee) to open a new manufacturing facility over there. My wife, kids, and I have been Tar Heels since 2005. It'll be nice to have family close by.
  4. Bosko


    Oct 4, 2007
    Pilot Mountain, NC
    MM, How long did you have to wait for a seat at Calibers? The Mrs. saw someone from Calibers on the TV News who commented on the sudden influx of CC-H inquiries. Knowing of Buck Jones as I do, I don't think his office is trying to dissuade applicants. I just think they are overwhelmed. To alleviate the time lag, the County Commissioners would have to fund additional deputies to conduct processing and background investigations. With additional funding, the Sheriff's Office could also do what a lot of federal agencies and major law enforcement agencies are doing - using retired investigators to conduct the background investigations under contract. But, that opens up the procurement nightmare and would probably take a year to implement. As for our shop, we have drawn students from as far away as Lexington and I have been requested to provide tentative class dates up through April. Best of luck.
  5. snappy


    Jan 10, 2008
    North Cakalaky
    This news will have an impact for sure on the gunshow next month. Greensboro has gone off the deep end, crime is unreal there. It's about time people started coming to their senses and protecting themselves. I'm glad to be a CCP holder, I got mine renewed last year or so and it doesn't expire till 2011, sure makes it nice when buying a handgun also, don't have to go to the sherrifs dept in Alamance and go through the paperwork.
  6. You can call ahead of time to set your appoinment. Do this as soon as possible. It took me 69 days from the time I filled out the my paper work until i picked up my permit. The clerk in the office told me they were getting about 110 applications a month, that was in November so it has probably increased since then. She told me the biggest hold up is that they send enquires(sp) to Your Doctor and hospitals in the area to see if you have had any Mental issues. I guessing they wait 30+ days if nothing comes back your good to go.
  7. The last I checked there's about a six to eight week wait for the course at Calibers. I think Kenny said the next available seat was available in mid March.

    Yes, the gun show should be cooking. Greensboro is like any other urban center: it depends on the part of town in which you live. If you live in W or NW Greensboro, you're in nice shape. Great schools. Safe shopping. Very low crime. On the other hand, S or SW Greensboro is a gangbanger's paradise. I feel sorry for the older African-American couples -- people who've lived in those neighborhoods for decades -- who are at the mercy of the young thugs. Fortunately, the City's very effective redevelopment efforts have helped clean up those areas. In the meantime, the police department needs more manpower.