permanent shift that is irreversable

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by G-34, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. G-34

    so i heard on the radio today that "the country has turned to the left/liberal"

    and that the "tea party/republican/bitter white old men" type has had its last "gasp"

    and that the country has seen the last of it and now its shifted left and liberal permanently and that its irreversable.

    not sure how i feel about that statement other than that if it turned left it can turn around again and go right,

    "permenently center left" i think is not possible or permanent in any direction is not possible,

    what do yall think of that persons statements?:faint:

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  3. aircarver

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    Wait'll the economy crashes ... :steamed:


  4. G-34

    crashing economy? how would that have to do with left or right wingers?
  5. When things go to hell the give me give me crowd generally doesn't fare too well. When they don't get it given to them and try to take it things get real ugly real fast.
  6. Well there is a difference. One is tax and spend, the other is don't tax, and spend anyway.
  7. G-34


    like looting and stealing from other people?

    are they not afraid of being shot?

    i would NEVER even THINK of stealing from someone like that, a life may be taken for somethning that costs a few bucks:faint:
  8. EOS


    Nothing is irreversable. I forsee Liberty will overcome Liberalism and Neoconservatism. Because the young people are waking up and are rejecting the Liberal indoctrination of colleges in huge numbers. When the economy gets bad, the ebt card wielding leeches will turn on their givers, and the ones who try to take, wont last long. The troops will have to be brought home and the Neoconservative wargame will be over.

    I think the collapse will be blamed universally on both parties, as it should be. Mass Government spending is bad, no matter if its spent on Sheniqua's EBT card or invading another sandy hellhole to spread our version of "freedom" (yeah, right):upeyes:

    Big government and Statism is dying, it is a slow death, the current Liberal sway is just Statism crawling in it's death bed. If your not a Statist, then you have reason to be optomistic.
  9. Nothing is irreversible in politics. However, the demographic trend lines are not going in favor of the GOP. Obama carried the Hispanic vote, the young vote, the women's vote, the Asian vote and, of course, the black vote by margins ranging from significant to huge. Republicans control the House right now only because of their surge in 2010 allowing them to gerrymander their way to majorities in localized elections. This is nothing new in terms of observation. It is likely the Democrats will win the next presidential election unless the GOP can begin the task of broadening its appeal. Immigration reform will probably be their first foray into such a broadening. Whether the GOP can become competitive in the female vote may hinge on whether it can dampen the ideological zeal of its anti-abortion base. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.
  10. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR

    What do I think? That the author is a self-deluded leftist...
  11. +1
    If the GOP does not at least tolerate gays and womens rights they are doomed,
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  12. JBnTX

    JBnTX Texas

    Why would you think they don't already do that?
  13. EOS


    The element of the party that picketts D.C with "being gay is a sin" signs every year. Womens rights generally mean abortion, which should be a state issue.
  14. 10A

    Marriage and abortion are both state issues.
  15. steveksux

    steveksux Massive Member

    It's as true as the "permanent Republican majorities" turned out to be. Seem to remember something about that from Gingrich way back when, and again when GWB was in office.

    Never underestimate the capability of either party to rally around and actually nominate an unpalatable candidate.

    Biden in 2016? Clinton? They better find someone else waiting in the wings if they want to make it a three-peat.

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  16. They already have the someone else waiting in the wings and he's sharpening his Liberal resume with gun control - Andrew Cuomo.
  17. When Bill Clinton won the second time, dems said it was a signal they would "control the WH for decades to come". That prediction didn't work out, neither will the one you heard on the radio.
  18. No such thing as a permanent shift in politics.

    Remember...Liberals used to be the ones fighting for individual rights. Now its the Right who is fighting.

    Politics and political parties go in a cycle
  19. Fred Hansen

    Fred Hansen Liberal Bane

    Mr. John Galt... paging Mr. John Galt...
  20. Demographics are close to turning Texas, Florida, and Ohio solidly blue. Republicans/conservatives MAY have one last gasp unless something major happens to change things.
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