Percentage of Carry - Your EDC or everynow and then?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by kimbercollector, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Are there some instances in which you leave it behind due to the nature of the place you are at when away from home...or the polar opposite, places you simply wont go without old faithful.
    I guess my goal is, to see how many people are TRUE BELIEVERS and how many are not (90-100% would be true believers that dont leave home without it) and the lower percentages those who enjoy the industry, sport, and hobby but dont feel it'd be necessary to carry outside of the home.
    Im also wandering if those who do carry more often then not have more situational awareness (SheepDog Concept) so they can 1) avoid trouble before having to unholster their weapon or 2) if they cannot avoid it, they can do something about it until proper LEO arrives.
    Take care, Dave
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  3. Badger54


    I carry everywhere it is legal to do so 100% of the time.

  4. I would say for me it's 98%. Full time student, plus the family function scenario I give in the"Do you carry at family functions?" thread

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  5. Jack23

    Jack23 I. B. Glockin'

    Me too. Unless I'm still in my jammies or undies I am armed, even inside the house.
  6. jeepinbandit

    jeepinbandit Sgt. USMC

    I carry daily along with a basic blowout kit and an EDC bag in the car or close at hand.
  7. robhic

    robhic WOLVERINE!!!!
    Platinum Member Gold Member

    Inside my house I either have something within reach, or carry more for the sake of repetition being good than because I feel unsafe (good subdivision).

    Out of the house, I carry everywhere I can do so but generally don't go out much (yes, I know, I'm boring) so it's not a particularly big problem or decision.
  8. janice6

    Platinum Member

    I am carrying all the time, always, all ways.
  9. im413

    I carry everyday and always have a weapon within arms reach.

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  10. ICARRY2

    ICARRY2 NRA Life Member

    I ankle carry when I cant carry anywhere else on my person.

    When I cant ankle carry, I carry a small .380 in a black money belt underneath my pants.

    It may take a bit to get the gun, but I have it. :)
    #9 ICARRY2, Oct 7, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2012
  11. M24C

    I carry every day and every where it is legal, I usually try to avoid places that it is illegal, except work.

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  12. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    I have no problems with carrying at work so my daily carry routine is rarely changed.

    I carry a P239, spare mag, and a small Surefire light every day.

    The only time that changes is when I have to wear dress clothes to some event. Then I pocket carry a 442 and a speed strip.
  13. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    Up here in VT I OC my G17 24/7
  14. whitebread

    whitebread ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    Same here.
  15. Your same thread title in another GT section seems to be going pretty well here:
  16. OctoberRust

    OctoberRust Anti-Federalist


    This right here, with the exception of on me at work.
  17. Hugo R

    Hugo R Gaff G26 User!

  18. jdavionic

    jdavionic NRA Member

    +1 I may not always carry the same items, but I carry when I am legally allowed to carry.
  19. concretefuzzynuts

    concretefuzzynuts Brew Crew

    I'm at 99%. Had to pick a friend up at the airport last night and, of course, did not carry into the airport. A police dog took an interest in me and I was glad there was nothing on me at the time.
  20. CA Escapee

    CA Escapee Finally!


  21. CanMan

    Silver Member

    Yessir, I carry everywhere where legal. Actually try to avoid places where it's not legal!

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