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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Tiro Fijo, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. It's your right to not enter, however you'll never set foot in a gun show unless you are LE or if not in obedience & get caught will be barred from CCW for life in that state at a minimum, if not other charges as well. These sort of places have rules such as this as they have to "dumb down" as they are dealing with the public of which many dummies are a member therein.

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  2. Same here by me. 30-60 minute wait at my 18 lane indoor range

  3. Big Bird

    Big Bird NRA Life Member

    The thing I love about shotgun sports like skeet and sporting clays is that we seem to be immune from the panic buying that hits the rest of the gun business when crap goes on like it is now. I can buy as many over/under shotguns and as much target ammo as I want and prices haven't moved an iota. Going to shoot a registered clays shoot this weekend

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  4. I'm friends with a guy who owns a range and also has a bunker where they shoot and host international trap. He typically orders 200+ cases (of 250) each of five different target loads twice a year. He told me in January he went to place his normal order and his suppliers were extremely low on stock and could not sell him more than a hundred cases So he had to switch to a brand he's never bought because its the only thing he could find and the most he could get was one pallet or 300 cases. They're intl trap loads so they aren't as popular as other shells but the club is not going to be able to supply competitions anymore and will be practicing a lot less until things return to normal.

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  5. SCmasterblaster

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    I guess that you are right. There are a lot of knuckleheads out there carrying loaded handguns.
  6. I have no idea what is happening at my range, because I have not been lately. Ammo is too hard to find, so I am not shooting what I have. That means the range has to be losing money. Tomorrow I will be picking up a pellet gun, I need some trigger time.
  7. eaglefrq

    eaglefrq NRA Member

    We went to our local range on Sunday (they reload their own) and they were only selling one box of ammo to customers. They didn't think they were going to have enough ammo to last the week.
  8. Big Bird

    Big Bird NRA Life Member


    Rio supplies a lot of shells to the clay target sports. Great shells for not a lot of money. They had a disruption in shipping...containers or something or other. We've been using Nobel Sport instead of Rio. Also really good shells for about $55 a flat.
  9. I guess we could all speculate about what the near future will be concerning ammo availability or the lack there-of...?

    Anyway it does seem prudent to shoot sparingly until things return to some form or normalcy. If there is such a thing from now on... :dunno:

    I have enough to keep me happy for some time but I have to admit that I don't shoot as much as I did this same time last year.
  10. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    Where are they getting their ammo?
  11. THey used to buy/keep two different kinds of Federal and Fiocchi shells and an Italian make I'm unfamiliar with. His suppliers had very little supply of only one of those available. He could only find one brand in quantity and he not I had ever heard of it. I've used Nobel Sport and agree with your assessment on them. I haven't seen Rio's international loads but I'm sure they make them.

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  12. SCmasterblaster

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    It looks like Hillary will run for POTUS in 2016 - I'd start hoarding ammo right now. More gun control on the way.
  13. I have not slowed down cause of ammo prices, I've slowed down cause it freakin' cold!

    Before the madness I scored 10,500 rounds of Federal 22lr 36 gr. for $350 shippped.

    once it hits 40 degrees it's on
  14. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    It got pretty cold here in VT also. Where are you?
  15. Not so here in Louisville. Business in booming.:supergrin:
  16. We have several local matchs a week around our area. Many shooters would attend multiple matches each week. Some have slowed down saving cartridges for the bigger matches
  17. Cole125

    Silver Member

    Until this madness dies down, I am shooting my pellet guns, period.

    I've got a good amount of ammo, but I am not going to shoot what I can't replace.
  18. I've been hit up by guys I hav'nt talked to in 3-4 years asking to buy ammo for whatever I will sell it for. Hav'nt sold a sungle round. I did realize more people know I shoot and have "stuff" than should. Do not like. At all.
  19. I agree. I know how toe shoot and my held ammo will not be wasted. With the libtards in power we really don't know how long the shortages and high costs will stay. Better stockpile what you have and don't waste it.
  20. FLIPPER 348

    FLIPPER 348 Happy Member


    I've sold plenty at a mildly obscene profit. .....reloads too!


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