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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Tiro Fijo, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Same here. I counted a 500,000 round mountain of 9mm ammo right in the center of the store. Yes...500 cases of 9mm. The prices sucked though. Nobody even touched it...well I did, I sat on it while I was waiting to be called for my turn at the range. :whistling:

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  2. I'm a member of a very nice private range here in South Florida. I go once a week and shoot mostly pistol. I am usually by myself on one of the three pistol ranges if I go on a Monday morning. I shoot my own ammo and have plenty of components so I haven't had to limit the amount of shooting I do. I do like it if a few other people who do not reload are there so I can get more brass. If I shoot my AR I just reload those same rounds again. I haven't had to touch my small stash of 5.56 ammo at all.

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    I haven't been to my range in months - mainly due to the VT weather. But I am not in a hurry to shoot up my 500 9mm 115gr FMJRN reloads. Or my WW/Fed 115gr JHP +p+ rounds.
  4. ^^ LoL
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    The prices are going up . . . . .
  6. I've been shooting at an outdoor club. No ammo for sale there, only my handloads or anything I might buy from Walmart. While I agree the indoor range owners have to mark prices up a little to stay in business here's my problem with that......Instead of shooting once or twice weekly,I'm forced to shoot once a month.:steamed: I have a budget too.
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    I have my handloads only also.
  8. I guess when I run out of primers I'll start practicing with my airsoft pistols.:supergrin:
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    Have you no primers for sale in your area? :upeyes:
  10. It would seem that someone that didnt want me to shoot my gun bought every last one.:whistling: Not that I'm out and need more right now,but who knows when they'll be back in stock?:dunno:
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    I try and go twice a month, and recently got the wife involved. A LEO range membership cost me about $100 a year, (30 mins and free target anytime Mon-Fri).
    The ammo is about $35 a session, so close to $80 a month, about what the cable bil is.
    Finding the ammo for the sessions is hit or miss at Walmart.
  13. I've been buying ammo where I can...a box here & a box there and shooting archery more often to relearn that skill and enjoy some soft of shooting;

    recently I got back in .22 ownership to have some economical rfirearms practice, but soon found that .22lr is virtually nonexistent in my area...I guess others were thinking the same thing as me :dunno:
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  14. The range near me is mostly vacant,due to the snow and temps as it's outdoors,we will see what happens come spring. SJ 40
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    It's a combo of all 3 for me. After years of paying the prices I'm used to, I refuse to pay a premium over 20-30%.

    Before the SHTF I was paying about $0.20/round for 9mm/5.56, and about $0.35/round for .45acp... And .22's were about $0.03 a pop....

    Now I go into Walmart, where I bought all my pistol ammo exclusively, and the shelves are bare. The only ammo that can be found is online where it is being scalped at 100-500%. :wow:

    So conservation it is. I only have about 1500 rounds each of my primary calibers (.22/9mm/.40/.45/.223) and that's the absolute minimum I will keep until we see prices deflate.

    Until then, no range for me. :crying:

    Whoever is buying ammo at these absurd 500 PERCENT markups, YOU are solely responsible for the lack of supply and increase in price. A fool and his money...
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    I'm not shooting either. I have a pretty decent stash of my caliber, 5k+ rounds of .45acp. However, I don't wanna shoot what I've got knowing its gonna cost 2x as much $ to replace and may take weeks with all the 1 or 2 box limits at the stores in my area.

    .223 is so hard to find I really dont want to shoot what I have at home. I only have about 1200rds the majority of which is JSP SD ammo. The 500rds or so of cheap FMJ I do have I dont want to shoot because I know I cant replace it anytime soon so I'm just hanging onto it.

    I barely have any .22LR and I would have never guessed it would dry up. It was always so cheap and available available I never kept much stashed at the house. Really regretting that now, because I have always been able to rely on .22LR for cheap plinking.
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  17. Well, states they are backed up 6 - 8 weeks for machine orders so obviously some people are being forced to save money by reloading. To be frank, I can't help but wonder how much money some people are throwing at factory ammo in a year. I bet if most sat down with a pen & paper and calculated it their wives would leave them. :whistling:
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    Wow. So Dillon owes BHO a thank you
  19. I have been reloading almost since I have been shooting. I truely do not understand how anyone affords to shoot a decent amount of factory ammo. I shoot an IDPA match 3x a month, 100-150rds each. Let's call it 400rds just for IDPA. That would cost me $175 in ammo cost alone, plus match fees!:shocked: So being able to shoot for less than half that ammo cost means I'll go to all those matches. You don't get better or maintain your skills sitting home. Honestly, the cost of gas & time limits my shooting more than anything.
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    Been the same way here at the two private gun club ranges. I make it a point to get out at least three times every winter 'cause of the different conditions.

    At least there's no problem getting on range. :supergrin:
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