Pencil Barrel or not?

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  1. This is a D******* serial Austrian import dated 8/88. I only ask because I have been told it might be based on its guide rod and the pictures below.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I don't think a G17 with a serial # prefix beginning with D would be a pencil barrel model. I believe the pencil barrels were from about prefix AA-AP or so. I have seen CA prefix guns with normal barrels and I have a CZ prefix pistol with a normal barrel, both guns produced before your pistol. My AK prefix G17 however IS a pencil barrel, it's quite a bit thinner than a normal diameter version. It's very obvious when you look at the front of the slide.

  3. Thanks. I found somewhere that the od if the regular barrel is .562 and the pencils are .532... do you know the dimensions or can you mic yours for me?
  4. Just whipped out the digital calipers and mic' it. It measured .530 at the muzzle.
    It's my daily carry so it's always nearby (the G17, not the calipers).
  5. Awesome!! Put that one to bed. The pencil is .53** and all others are larger.

    Thanks for the clarification.

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