Pawn shop score!! LR-308 style!

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by TreyG-20, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Armchair Commando

    Armchair Commando Long Range Guru

    What a good post, The next time i want advice from a Tier 1 Operator i'll know who to PM. So are you Delta or Devgru?

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  2. Wow that was a score. Nice find. Congrats.

  3. TreyG-20

    TreyG-20 Second2None

    Well it won. 2006 American rifle mans rifle of the year. Guess they had some really crappy tests in 2006. I have another DPMS Ar that I've had for 4 years and over 10k rounds through it. I guess I should get rid of that piece of junk also since it treated me so horribly. Always a hater in the crowd lol.
  4. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Blackwater - mercenaries don't die, we'd just regroup in Hell!!!
  5. DPMS is know garbage. However, it seems that their .308's do well. I can't say that I've ever heard of any serious issues w/ the LR's.

    It does suck that he had to come into your thread and muddy it up like this.

    I'm excited for you OP. I would like to get ahold of a .308 semi auto.
  6. Travclem

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    Looks like a good deal to me. Now stock up on PMAGs and get some good glass and a Larue LT-104 mount, you'll be gtg.
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  7. TBO

    TBO Why so serious?

    Obvious db is obvious.

    Enjoy your great find.

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