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Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by pal2511, Jul 9, 2011.

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    The only thing we're allowed to change are the optics and rails ( and those have to be approved ), nothing else.

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    kind of off topic, but what type of sling does everyone use? I run a 1 point on my shotgun and like it a lot, i see a lot of Ar's have 2 point slings. Just wondering what everyone likes/has good experience with

  3. 2 point blue force gear quick adjust sling. Attached at the very front and very back of the receiver so it straps tight, centered on my chest.
  4. +1 for the Blue Force Gear padded sling. However, I attach the forward end of the sling on the port side rail as far back as I could, gives me more adjustability.
  5. PR-1 has a Tactical Link X360 SP. PR-2 has a Tactical Link bungee SP in a side plate. PR-3 is a VTAC two point. I'm starting to rotate back to two point slings again.
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    1. The JBT's

  7. Vtac 2 padded sling from
  8. IF you get an sbr do you have to keep the upper permanently on the lower? Can you register the lower and switch out sbr tops?
  9. Yes; you can switch out SBR uppers; you just can't put an SBR upper on a non-SBR lower. You have a hundred uppers for one lower, but you can only put them on that one lower.
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    V-TAC two point padded for me. Really like it.
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    The good thing for me with the Sig is that the Upper is the registered part - the reverse of the AR. Therefore, if I did do an SBR on my upper, I'd have to really do some converting to screw things up and become illegal...
  12. Yeah, but that's only ONE SBR upper, then; you can't switch them out with different barrel lengths nearly as easily!
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    I have a laser on order and was wondering what to hold the pressure switch on with. I tried asking around on another forum but got nothing helpful. This seems so obvious I feel like I should've thought of it myself.

    My rifle:
    Chinese SKS
    Tapco 20rd mag
    Barrel attached quad rail
    Folding stock

    She ain't much but our office can't buy everyone a patrol rifle so we're allowed carry a wide range of guns as long as we can qualify. I got this well-used at a gun show, put in a new spring-loaded firing pin and added the small quad rail and bipod. The laser I'm waiting for is 100mw green, daytime visible. I could probly just shine it in a perp's eyes and not have to shoot him.
    For anyone thinking it, the bipod isn't overkill- I've already been to one standoff where a bipod would've been super fantastic. I laid in the guy's back yard for a couple hours covering a rear window during negotiations.
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    You become a bit more badass everytime you post. An SKS patrol rifle. I frikken LOVE IT!
  15. Thats so sweet. I would rock a sks rifle if it was reliable. If the Chief would let us that is. He flipped out once when someone brought in an ak47 to show me that I was thinking about buying.
  16. So when I purchase my sbr lower I need to get it from a class 3 dealer or someone that deals in sbrs? Do I need to buy an upper at the same time or can I wait?
  17. That or can I just take the lower I already have and register it as a sbr at a class 3 dealer
  18. Did Gecko decide to pepper the threads this week? I can't tell if the SKS thing is real or not.
  19. Sparkster

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    Real. Trust me if I had the $,$$$ to throw at a new AR15 I would do it yesterday. We get paid very little compared to the wider Ohio LE market. I can spend a few hundred on a gun and put a toy on it here and there but right now that's about it. As for reliability, the spring loaded firing pin will go a long way in helping with that.
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    My currently issued patrol rifle, a Mini-14 Ranch Rifle. After much begging I was allowed to add an Ultimak rail and Aimpoint. I'm the only officer in the department currently authorized to use an optic on his patrol rifle. We have two guys with scoped .308 Remington 700s that have been to sniper school. Those are currently the only other optics on rifles in the department. We are rumored to be getting AR type rifles later this year. If that happens I expect the policy on optics to open up some as well.



    Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle
    Ultimak Rail
    Aimpoint CompC SM in Aimpoint QRP2 mount
    Buttstock Magazine carrier with spare 20 round magazine
    Sling of Unknown Origin that was on the rifle when it was issued to me

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