Passing unused gear along to other GT Cops?

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by RetailNinja, Jan 25, 2011.

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  2. Just a heads up, when I went to the 5000, the older style [1500 series?] longer wide clip would not allow it to fully seat in the charger. Clip had to be swapped out for the shorter one.

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    Copy that.

    Gotcha. I own my two XTS5000 batteries outright. I bought them on the cheap on eBay when I came to this dept since the used batteries they gave me wouldnt last a whole shift.
    Figured someone on here has one or two laying around. Or am I the only gear queer that paid for his own portable batteries? :rofl:
  5. Well I did have a Lt. who bought his own radio (MT1000) before the dept went to our current HT750/1250 versions. I believe he told us the thing cost him $1000 back then.
  6. It might be easier if we keep this thread as a group of equipment requests & responses, rather than pages of unrelated conversation on whatever topic comes up.

    Just sayin' :wavey:
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    That's no fun!
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    Edit, all gone / claimed by CT member
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    Finally got the holster in the mail to Meefzah, please dont sue me, LOL!~
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    No worries... and THANKS!!!!!
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    Looking for a 5" 1911 Duty holster, Level II at least. Shoot me a PM if you got one to donate. Thanks.
  12. Looking for a Safariland Lvl II 6280 for a S&W M&P in plain black finish "right hand"...Thanks and shoot me a PM if anyones willing to donate.
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  13. How about a taser x26 holster, preferably in basketweave? I have plenty to trade, mostly in nylon.
  14. Deleted. Thanks for the help though guys.
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  15. GeneCole,

    I've got a nylon double mag holder, for a duty belt, it's safariland. It's used and a little worn but it is definitely still usable. It says it's for Beretta mags but i put glock 22 mags in it with no issues. I'm sure it will work for your purposes!
  16. I've got 2 or 3 tan SINGLE stack molle pouches I can't use anyone need em? I'm not on here that often but I'll check back in a bit.
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  17. I know this is a long shot, but I am looking for either an exterior rifle vest (carrier), and/or a rifle plate(s). I know I can buy them online, but was hoping someone has a used one they aren't using anymore and wouldn't mind selling it. My department doesn't supply rifle plates/vests and buying a new set could be pretty spendy. They are not required, but I would feel more comfortable knowing that my vest will stop more than a handgun round. Thank you for any help or guidance.
  18. I've got some random things laying aroud I'll have to go through.

    For now, I have a safariland magazine pouch for G21 mags.
  19. Would like to get my hands on a basketweave handcuff strap. Would beat using a nylon keeper. if anybody could help it'd be appreciated. I can use my dept. email for the transaction if necessary.

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