Passing unused gear along to other GT Cops?

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by RetailNinja, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. blackhawk serpa RH holster carbon fiber i think a pair of black 1911 full size grips and some sort of ar flashlight mount if anyone could use one of these let me know

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  2. Our agency needs them for a couple of new-hire part timers. PM follows.

  3. I have a Safariland 94 buckleless duty belt, size 34, in black basketweave. It's in good shape, and my agency does not authorize it for duty.

    Also have a Raine (nylon web) portable radio holder, fits a Motorola HT1000 radio.

    Free to a good home. PM me with your agency mailing address.

  4. Is it the close body type radio holder or one with the adjustable strap.

    I could use a radio holder as I've been using the crap clips that come with ours.
  5. It looks like the Raine 52RS-L basic radio holder,
  6. Gone!
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  7. Looking for a duty holster for an m&p 9 full size. Safariland,blackhawk,etc
  8. Post 1, page 1, just a reminder for "rules of this thread" ...

  9. Have 1 for M&P 9 with a TLR-1, Safariland 6360. It's left handed though.
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  11. Looking for a right handed ankle holster for a g27. I have lots to trade.

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  12. Hello all,
    New to posting on coptalk, but have been a long time follower on the Coptalk. I am looking to give away some gear family members and i have collected over the years. Can send it all as one if need be if u are in need of gear. The gear is as follows:

    (1) Bianchi patroltek double mag pouch size 2 Glock/Sig/SW/ 9/.40 New Gone
    (1) Bianchi patroltek MK3 OC case New Gone
    (1) Bianchi patroltek glove/pager case new Gone
    (1) Bianchi Accumold 2.25" duty belt large-like new Gone
    (8) Blackhawk belt keeprs 2.25" New Gone
    (4) Uncle mikes 2" nylon belt keepers Gone

    thats all i can think of.
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  13. Hey FPSGT8469, I have been looking for a new duty belt, is it the velcro type? not buckle. If so let me know what you want for it and the keepers, Cheers, Nigel...
  14. No; standard buckle type. Pay postage for keeprs.
  15. Ta very much, but I'll let someone else have it who needs it more, cheers though...
  16. I have a blackhawk level 3 duty holster for glock 17/19/22/23/31/32. Looking to trade for a safariland that will fit a glock 22/23
  17. MeefZah

    MeefZah Cover is Code 3

    EDIT, pants spoken for

    I have 1 pair of straight leg Elbeco dark navy uniform pants, 39"x32", great shape. Worn for a month before we went to BDU style pants. Only blemish is the velcro from the belt I wore at the time has caused some minor piling to the belt loops, but it can't be seen when a duty belt is worn.

    I also will have, once my new uniform allowance triggers in a few days, 3 pairs of the Elbeco BDU style uniform pants; these are the straight leg uniform pants that essentially have a BDU style thigh pocket added on each leg, with a velcro closure and a hidden zipper top. These are all dark navy and used x 1 year, no damage, but there is a slight bit of fading compared to brand new. These fit exactly the same as the above pants but for reasons unknown they are sized 40" x 32".

    FYI I wear a 38" waist which is loose in civvies so these are sized a bit off, IMO.

    1 pair for 1 dept patch. Easy peasy.

    Cops only. I would rather see these go to guys who have to provide their own uniforms than to guys who get an allowance and just want to amass ****.

    PM me.
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  18. Hey, your "schtuff" is enrt. They said it'll take about a week or two. This was after a 10 minute battle with the UPS mo-tard who thought a holster was a gun part and refused to ship it (until I threw a tantrum).
  19. CJStudent

    CJStudent Fenced In

    UPS store, perchance?
  20. yup, they guy looked at the holster, looked at me, and became very uneasy...not sure if he thought the holster was going to strangle him or not-Ignorance at it's finest.


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