Passing unused gear along to other GT Cops?

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by RetailNinja, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Eric's only condition is that there are absolutely no sales in this thread.

    If you have gear you are not using, please post it up here to help other LEOs/COs out.

    To keep the it honest, please PM your department or agency so it can be sent there Care Of/Attention to you. If this won't work for you, let the person with the item know when you PM them

    The only conditions:


    2) If you are a contributor, please edit your original post rather than making a new post when your items are claimed. Deleting them or use the Strikethrough to show they're gone.

    3) Please try to eventually buy said item and pass the freebie along; I know a lot of people who have to put rigs together on shoe string budgets.

    4) Please don't make Wanted posts here

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  3. Id be very interested. there are a few guys that are trying to scrounge up full riggs on their own money. Depending on what youv got i might need something...

  4. Cool, I bet Cochese will be posting a lot in this thread. :supergrin:
  5. Cochese

    Cochese Most mackinest
    1. The JBT's

    I'm happy to help out with some gently used items.

    Anything I spent an obscene amount of money on recently, I would probably want at least half of what I paid, if in new condition.

  6. cool. what ya gonna post it up?
  7. Cochese

    Cochese Most mackinest
    1. The JBT's

    When I score a day off! :supergrin:
  8. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    We've been beating this idea around for a while and there was a CopAuction site that lasted all of... a few months?

    I have a few items that I don't use anymore, and I have been the recipient of some generous member's discards which I put to good use.

    I am definitely in for some "PAY IT FORWARD".

    Let the goodwill flow!
  9. Do you have a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range?

    theres that already exists.
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  10. Lawman how is that holster attatchment working out for you? Was it the sentry guard that I had..?
  11. Here's what I've got laying around

    All of my stuff has left for new homes. I'm sure I'll add more later
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  12. volsbear

    volsbear IWannaBeSedated
    Lifetime Member

    Thank God - I thought the OP was going to try and peddle off his uniform cod-piece.
  13. Step away from the vehicle
  14. obxemt

    obxemt Chaplain of CT

    I hope you're enjoying your collapsible PR-24! :supergrin:
  15. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    Yes, the sentry guard rides on my duty 6285 and I use it when doing footbeats during special events when I have to mix with a lot of pedestrian traffic. Makes me feel just a bit better.

    The PR-24X served me well for a while until I broke the carrier... love that stick though.

    I don't have anything like that but I have a few basketweave magazine carriers... I think I have a G23 mag carrier, a Beretta 92 mag carrier and another G22 or G23 carrier. I also have some miscellaneous OC spray carrier and flashlight holder but I haven't inventoried my gear box for a while.

    I do have a few holsters too... just have to clean out everything first.
  16. retailninja, id take the bianchi key holder. id have no problem with you sending it to my dept. if your looking to get rid of the RH thigh rig I could definately pass that on for ya.
  17. Retailninja, I will take the RH dropleg.

    I have a Safariland 6281 RH High ride holster in Plain Leather that I will offer to anyone. This for a 17/22. GONE TO Sharky7.
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  18. I may have more to offer. I have to go through my gear box. My wife wants me to get rid of most of it.

    I do know that I have a double cuff case, and a Large OC spray covered pouch that I will throw is for sure. They are both nylon.

    ETA: Will ship to agency.
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  19. Ship-to-agency is a good idea just to keep things unofficially official.

    In the near future I may have a few spare Accumold Elite (nylon that looks like basketweave leather) items available. I'll post back if so.

  20. While the ship-to-agency would help to keep things above board, it would also (unfortunately) reduce the likelyhood of the intended recipient actually receiving it (at least where I work)!

    When I have some time to look, I can probably find some still useful stuff.
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  21. Thats so true, you could leave a $50 bill on the seat of the spare cruiser and it would be there in a month. You put a safety vest or some other type of gear and it's going to be gone the next day.

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