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PASA Park in Barry, IL

Discussion in 'Illinois Glockers' Club' started by WarCry, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Are there ANY members of the PASA around here? I'm trying to get some information about joining, but their contact number is just a voice-mail that no one seems to return calls. I know it's a small operation (as far as those who run it), but I'd really like to know if I can purchase a membership on-site. It's about a 30, 40 minute drive and I'd hate to get down there and have someone say "sorry, you'll have to come back later."

    Anyone able to give me any tips or help?
  2. Well, I rolled the dice and took the chance....and spend 2 hours shoots and letting my son get started on the path. If any one is in the area, you need to go to this place. They have all the paperwork there, just drop and check or money order along with the paperwork in the secure box and then......go kill some cardboard (or your target of choice).

    Worth every cent ($50 a year for family, husband, wife, and any kids under 18). Open all year, all hours. As their rules say, you treat it like your own backyard. Show up, shoot, clean up, and go home. You're responsible for you and yours. Can't ask for better than that, in my book. Go. Shoot. Enjoy!