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Para GI Expert

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by ilgunguygt, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. ilgunguygt

    ilgunguygt Enslaved in IL

    Hey guys, thought I would share tonites experience with you. A friend picked up a Para GI Expert a while back. His had a 8lb trigger from the facory, and he decided that wasnt good enough. We ordered a 15lb mainspring and a lightened sear spring for it and figured to do a little smoothing inside. Took it all apart, everything looked pretty normal. Went to reassemble and ran into a problem. Apparently the GI expert is no true 1911 spec'd gun. The standard sized sear spring was too short. Took one from a colt to try, same thing. Many people online have posted that these are true 1911s, as far as parts goes. They are not. We ended up modifying the stock Para spring. We have a nice trigger now, and it set off 50 rounds reliably too. Tomorrow we will hit it with a trigger pull gauge and I will report back what we have.
  2. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    Good luck with it. :)

  3. ilgunguygt

    ilgunguygt Enslaved in IL

    Thanks! We took it to my favorite local coffee drinking BSing gunshop to day and used the owners digital pull gauge on it. Came up with an average pull of 5lbs 6oz, with a deviation of 1oz. I would call that a pretty acceptable trigger for a 400 dollar gun. We also smoothed all the internals and set the overtravel to give it a very nice feel which makes it feel even lighter than it is.

    The local pusher we bought it off of needed some cash to make his sales tax payment the next day and let him have it for 400 otd, so now he has a whopping 403.99 wrapped up in it, and its a pretty good shooter.