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Paid Membership Drive ???

Discussion in 'Paid Membership System' started by gunsite, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. gunsite

    gunsite CLM

    Jul 8, 2003
    No Quarter
    I paid to update to CLM in june but i haven't been issue a CLM#, i haven't heard anything yet and my membership status still shows platinum. The help i received stated that only eric can issue CLM#.

    I like supporting GT, but i need GT to help me, thanks in advance.
  2. G33

    G33 Frisky! Millennium Member CLM

    May 29, 1999
    With G29
    CLM appears to be an option at link.


  3. Roseblood

    Roseblood NRA Endowment

    Dec 14, 2004
    Centerville, UT
    damn... I bought my membership just days before the timeframe for this drawing. Maybe I'll have to upgrade to CLM.
  4. Eric

    Eric Big Giant Head Staff Member Admin Moderator

    Jan 1, 1970

    I got you fixed up. sorry for the delay. Eric
  5. gunsite

    gunsite CLM

    Jul 8, 2003
    No Quarter
    thank you... i appreciated, i know you're busy with upgrading the site, GT keeps improving.
  6. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR Silver Member

    Oct 5, 2005
    St. Louis, MO
    I know everone is busy, but... I'd REALLY like to upgrade to platinum or CLM. Please send me the cost to do either. PM works.
  7. Dismas 3073

    Dismas 3073 CLM

    May 10, 2008
    Before I send payment I'd like to know if I can split a CLM payment into two or three payments? Is this possible? I'd like to commit today ASAP.