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    Anyone have any opinions on the new p224? Seems like a nice way to add a sig to the subcompact market properly.

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  3. If they are out I can't find one around here. Looks like a DAK/E2 grip that I have on all my Sigs. I need to get my hands on one. Also I have not heard the MSRP?

  4. They're not out yet. I read "April". I'm very interested.
  5. I didn't think it was out yet either.
  6. Looks good, I want .........
  7. Looks like an interesting subcompact offering in the P series.

    I'd still give it at least a year to identify and resolve any teething pains that might surface. (Significantly shrinking even an established & tested design can sometimes result in an occasional unexpected issue when the guns get out in the hands of regular owners/shooters. ;) )

    As much as I like a nicely machined smallish metal-framed pistol, I wouldn't be surprised if the cost of the time required for the CNC machine prices the little gun a little high (compared to plastic guns).

    I'd like Sig to have a well received model with this latest offering ... and at some point later on I'd be tempted to look at a TDA (DA/SA) variation.

    Depends on the price, though.

    As much as I liked the S&W Chiefs Special series, the 3913 & the 4040PD, the cost of machining the frames (and the Scandium aluminum frame used in the 4040) simply priced them out of interest when it came to the folks comparing them against plastic guns.

    If this little model runs in the $1K range, it might have limited appeal for folks in this economy. Dunno.

    Time will tell.

    Nice looking little subcompact, though.
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  8. Heard they are to be out Juneish? $1125 MSRP
  9. i like them. want to handle one!
  10. tim12232

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    looks like a nice gun but at 1125, they can flippin keep it!!! If real prices end up around 900 I would maybe consider it, but it would have to feel like Mila Kunis in my hand!
  11. Police officers that are issued P-series Sigs may be very interested, in the same way officers issued full- and mid-size Glocks love their Baby Glocks. Way cool to have an off duty gun that's a miniature of your duty gun.

    But at that price point, I dunno... in a world where Baby Glocks go for 499.00...

    And the weight. As long as something comes along with the weight-an added feature, increased durability, substantial increase in capacity--anything, the extra 5 oz. vs a G26/27/33 isn't a big deal. But to weigh 25% more and get nothing in exchange?

    If they would have beat Glock to the subcompact punch in 1995 they'd have sold as many as they could make and may have started a revolution. But that was 17 yrs ago.

    I'd love to see it do well, but I think that would take a street price of 650-700, tops.
  12. I agree, it's odd. But this IS a Sig we're talking about. The weight thing is an issue with basically all Sigs. The 229 is something like almost 40 oz loaded and has the same capacity as a Glock 19 which only weighs 30 oz. But that doesn't stop people who really like Sigs.
  13. I see you can order the P224 over at Hyatt Guns for around $950 http://hyattguns.com/

    They look interesting, but makes me wonder if I'd be better off just buying another version of the P220 since that's my edc. I can buy a P220 Carry Nitron for around $850 at most gun shops.
  14. Interesting. They're quoting 6 to 8 weeks. I can't wait to check one out in person. Not convinced I'll get one yet but I'm very interested.

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