OWB holster for concealed carry

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Stlbrian, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. pspez

    +1 Same here.

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  2. Try putting a thin dress sock over the gun when you go to bed. In a couple of nights, the holster will slightly expand to the size you need for a smoother draw.

  3. My EDC Glock 19 rides in a Kramer horsehide OWB belt scabbard.

    Been using that holster as my primary off-duty/concealed carry holster for any gun that I have carried since the early 90s. Been using it with the 19 since 2005.

    Good luck with your choice.
  4. ejes

    I never thought I'd say it, but I recently tried the Glock Sport Combat holster for my 26 after years of buying productions and customs. Wish I had done it sooner. Light, inexpensive, holds the firearm securely, comfortable, holds the firearm tight to the body, durable. +1 one for me on the GSCH.
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  5. I have also had this experience.
  6. SCmasterblaster

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    I use a Bianchi No. 4/4L for my G17. It works well for a G17/22 or 19/23.
  7. vmann

    vmann Controller

    call me silly, i like leather...
  8. Just received my x concealment gen 2 c series OWB for glock 17/22. I like it better than Raven. Retention is positive and adjustable. It is molded so that it hugs the hips, drawing the gun in close to the body. Most comfortable OWB holster I've tried yet.
  9. I tried the glock sport for my 19 and 26 but it was way too tight... Took two hands and a very strong pull to get it out.

    I bought the Galco concealment and am very happy with it.
  10. wrczx3

    wrczx3 Jerry

  11. Well, I just got in my Crossbreed Super-slide+ belt + dual mag carrier and have been carrying the G26 in it around the farm the past few days. I really like the set but have one issue- other than the break- in period. No matter how tight i make the belt i cannot get the holster to stay on my side at the 3 o-clock position. It continually slides around to the 5 o-clock position. I either need to find/make some spacers for between the holster and belt loops or find some jeans that have more belt loops.

    The mag carrier stays in place pretty well on my left side. Everything is concealed well under a baggy, untucked, button-up shirt. But the only way i could use this holster for my G19 is if i can get it to stay in the 3 o-clock position.
  12. This evening I took off the mag carrier and am now just wearing the Super- slide holster and it is much more comfortable and much tighter to my body and doesn't seem to be sliding very much. I may have to go back to using my Glock single-mag carrier.
  13. Clutch Cargo

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    OWB I like the High Slide by Slide Guard Holsters. I can wear a short cover garmet as the holster hangs only .5-.75" below the belt.
  14. I am a big fan of the professional/avenger style belt scabbard for OWB carry.

    You can put on a loose fitting shirt, a pullover etc and the holster disappears.


  15. MR57

    I carry a XD45 OWB. Blawkhawk Serpa holster is great. Nobody ever knows I'm carrying. Always wear dark t shirt and large full hawiian type shirt unbutton. Just be careful walking into stores if its a little breezy. Just hold bottom corner of shirt so it doesn't blow back exposing weapon. It's very comfortable.
  16. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo Amsterdam Haze

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  17. Front Sight

    Front Sight Front Sight

    Have you looked at the leather concealment vests that are out there now? If you put a spare mag in the opposite side it will help balance it.
    Let us know what you finally decided on.
  18. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. After a ton of research of research I settled on the Raven Concealment Phantom holster.

    Put my order in for my quick ship holster on 10/13. Quoted lead time of "less than 30 days"
  19. FireForged

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    I have been carrying since the 80's and currently, (2) stand out as very good concealing type OWB holsters

    1. Raven concealment (with the wings)

    2. Bravo concealment (with pancake loops) which are the same thing as RAvens' (wings) accessory.

    These are the tightest to the body OWB holsters I have ever seen. I have seen plenty
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