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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Stlbrian, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Anyone have any suggestions for a concealable, quality, comfortable OWB holster for my Gen 4 G23? The vast majority of the holsters I am seeing that are made for CC are IWB, and as someone with an expanding waste line...... ( Ok I'm getting old and fat.....) IWB just doesn't seem that it would suit me well.

    Looked at the Serpa Concealment series, and Galco concealment holster.

    Hoping to not wait 40 months for it either!


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  3. I have the "super slide" holster on the way from Crossbreed. Actually ordered the whole system of belt and mag carrier for 15% off. this holster will work with all sizes of my 9mm glocks.

    Have about 4 weeks to wait yet.

  4. I have the Defensive Concealment OWB Kydex model that I really like. It keeps my Gen4 G27 very snug and it's pretty concealable even under a tshirt. No wait, I had it in less than a week and it was about $50. Very happy with it. Draws and reholsterings are very fast and retention is excellent.


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  5. Safariland ALS. It stands a little further out from your body than the Serpa, but it feels more solid and has a thumb release instead of using your trigger finger. The Serpa system works fine for range time, but try some "hands on" training and you will see that the Serpa is not all that hard to break off or pull off. Also the trigger finger thing is much harder to control under duress. I have personally witnessed a few premature "bangs" due to someone forgetting to backoff the trigger finger pressure as the gun comes out of the Serpa holster during stress fire drills.
  6. I own 3 of their holsters and their mag carriers. Quality products and a quality company. While there is a small wait time for most holsters, they are totally worth the cost and wait.

    Raven Concealment Systems Phantom holster. I have one for my M&P9, one for my M&P45 with thumb safety and one for my Glock 21. All their holsters for the full-size version of a pistol will work 100% with the more compact versions of the same gun. All my Glocks I've owned, from my 26 to my 21 have all fit perfectly in the Raven Phantom for my G21.

  7. Rodek's pancake. Cost about $33. You choice of color and finish. Delivery about 1 week. You won't believe the outstanding quality. Ed uses very heavy leather. He's been in the business for over 30 yrs. If it's not 100% right it won't leave his shop. Ed doesn't have a big shop with all the overhead. It's a retirement job doing something he likes to do and is very good at.

    Here's one he did for me in 1999. It was carried everyday on duty when I was in plain clothes for several years so it got a lot of use. Still looks like new and retains it shape.

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  8. FFR Spyder GT

    FFR Spyder GT Ex-Gunslinger

    Glock pistol

    Glock magazine

    Glock holster

    Pretty simple
  9. Strong recommendation here for Kevin Nightingale's holsters. Nice high, tight ride. Untucked shirt or with Fall coming, a sweater over, and you're good.
  10. As stated many times the Glock Sport Combat holster is a good holster for the money. If you want leather, look at Ritchie Leather in NY. The owner used to work with Lou Alessi himself. I have both Ritchie and the old school Alessi and I can't tell which is which without looking at the stamps. Ritchie turn around isn't bad at all, it's well worth the wait.
  11. Drawers full of holsters and range from expensive to cheap.:steamed:

    For OWB,I always choose the Glock Sport Combat.:supergrin:
  12. I've become partial to the Comp-Tac Paddle Holster. Here's G26, and you'll see how close it'll hold the firearm to your side.



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  13. I personally favor the Kydex holsters from Raven Concealment and PSHolsters.

    But if you're interested is a Galco Concealment I have one for sale in the market place. It's made for the G19/23, but it will fit the G26/27 without issue.



    *G23 not included of course.
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  14. Fire_Medic

    Fire_Medic Polymer Butcher

    Steve makes a great holster:

  15. +1 for the Comp-Tac paddle holster, I failed to mention them in my previous post. I have one for my G19 and my G26/27. The CT products are amazing, the paddle is solid, secure, and holds the weapon nice and close.
    One nice thing about CT is their return policy, if you get the holster and don't like it, as I recall, you get thirty days to send it back. (Please verify return policy, I didn't check) The CT paddle conceals well, I highly recommend it.

    Good luck in your search for THE owb holster!
  16. Just got a snapslide from crossbreed and it is working great
  17. I really like the above holster for my 26. I'll admit though, mine is a slow draw because I have not stretched it out enough.:supergrin:

  18. I have one of these holsters for all of my Glocks. They work ok for concealing the G26 and G36 under a button up shirt but i find that for anything bigger it only works under a jacket.
  19. Glk30


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