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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by brausso, May 15, 2013.

  1. What system do you use that you like for OWB concealed carry? I've noticed even carrying something simple like the glock sport combat holster OWB can be relatively easy to conceal. I usually carry a G33, G29, or a HK45c. Thinking about giving the bravo concealment holster a go for OWB concealed carry.

    What works for you?

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  2. I like high, forward cant holsters.

    My two favorites are High Noon's Slideguard and Sidearmor's Modular OWB

  3. SCmasterblaster

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    I like my old Bianchi 4/4L. My sweatshirt cover it nicely. It is comforting to always have my G17 at the ready at three o'clock.
  4. I like my X-Concealment "C" Holster with my G19. Rides high and tight.
  5. I like my Raven Phantom with soft snap loops for OWB of my G17 and G19.
  6. sandworm40

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    I use the X-Concealment C2 series OWB for my Glock 23 & 27. Fair price, short wait time, adjustable tension, good quality and design, and good people to deal with. Glock Talk forum members can receive a 15% discount by using the coupon code "GT1115".
  7. Glock sport combat works great for me with my G30.
  8. EDCholsters

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    High and Tight here :wavey:
  9. I rarely carry OWB but if I do, I found the DeSantis Speed Scabbard to be a comfortable choice.
  10. Bill Lumberg

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    Plenty of good OWB holsters available. I find OWB to be as concealable and more comfortable than IWB in most situations. The glock sport is hard to beat. The galco fletch and safariland 6377 are pretty good too. All must be worn on a proper gunbelt to perform well. Use holsters sized for the gun you're carrying. One-size-fits-most holsters are simply inadequate.
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  11. I find the DeSantis mini slide comfortable and easy to conceal.
  12. coyote 30

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    I carry every day in a Olen Holster. It rides high and tight with the front pancake wing belt loop.
    For me it rides as high and tight as the Glock Sport/Combat holster but covers the entire slide unlike the Glock made holster.
    See them at www.olenholster.com

    Fast turn around time (about 1 week) and good price at $55.
    Every bit as good as a Raven holster without the wait or higher price.
  13. The Glock Sport/Combat holster is great for OWB with a shirt covering, and I particularly like it worn between the belt and pants.

    I also have a cheap GunMate nylon retention rig that I took my Exacto blade to and it resulted in a perfect forward cant that rides high and tight. I can fit both my self-defense pistols into it and it holds perfectly. The two guns are of different sizes so I think I lucked out. I'm thinking of buying a couple more of these cheap holsters just to improvise in different ways.
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  14. Bianchi CarryLok. I was shocked at how a 1911 just disappeared in one.
  15. Lord

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    Crown holster (kydex) with pancake wings. Adjustable cant. I wear from 3 - 4:30, sometimes 5, depending on the cut of my shirt
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  17. rvrctyrngr

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  18. High Noon Topless or TT GunLeather Pancake. Both are well made holsters that provide for excellent concealment.

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